Monday, July 26, 2010

Is it really winter if it is over 90 degrees outside all the time?!

Zone Conference Picture in June

Well tell everyone that I am still confused that it is supposed to be winter here and it is still always over 90 degrees! Well right now we are teaching a couple people. She is a member and the man is not. They want to get married in the temple and he wants to get baptized, but they need to get married first. We are thinking about having them get married at the church. We don’t know when but hopefully soon. Their names are Cibele and Rafael.

Well yesterday in church there was another man named Rafael. He lived in Vancouver for four years. He is a member but has not gone to church for a while, but he is returning. He is also a twin but not identical. It was really cool to talk with him and I told him about institute. Well he is really cool. I am excited to get to know him more.

Well interviews went very well. I really like this president. He really wanted to get to know me and it was just a really good interview. He said if I needed anything or need help with a goal that I have just email him. He is really going to be a great president. He is focusing on reactivating members and recent converts.

Well I found out yesterday that I am really allergic to cats. Well yesterday’s lunch was a two twin’s house. They have 17 cats and 5 dogs. Well my throat started to feel like it was swelling up and closing in. My eyes started to be all puffy. It was not very good. Well my comp is really allergic also and he had the same reactions that I had. Well we both are doing better. Well have a good time in Yellowstone.

Elder Shelley

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