Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Conference Pictures!

There are 130 something Missionaries!

Photo da Conferencia de Natal

Yesterday, we had lunch at the Bishop's house
(He is the one in the white shirt)

Merry Christmas!

Well that was one of my favorite Christmases yet. Well I am not sure what DVDs the lady wants. She just said whatever would be fine. I tried asking her to be specific but just said any church dvd´s. Sorry not much help. Well that is good that everyone had fun. Yes I can’t wait until the Mothers Day call. That is good that everyone is doing good back at home and on the missions. Well I hope that I stay and get a new comp. My comp is tired of the area so he wants to get transferred. Well we will see what happens. Well have a good one and if you need anything just let me know. I love you and thanks for everything.
Elder Shelley

Monday, December 20, 2010

An Awesome Experience...

Well this week was fast and slow. We had a few divisions this week so I was not in the house for a long time. I did go on a division with the LZ´s and had a cool experience. Well we went to visit the Recent Convert. We got there and he said he did not want to go to church anymore because his mom is not going. We bore our testimonies about the importance of going to church. The spirit was so strong. Well Elder Novaes asked if he knew the Book of Mormon is true. The RC said that yes I guess. Well Elder Novaes said to go and pray right then and ask God if the Book was true. Well the RC came back and said that when he started to pray words came into his mind and said that the book is true. The spirit was so strong. IT was an awesome experience. Well I am excited to see all the missionaries tomorrow. Well I will definitely take a picture of Flat Stanley and I will write to Cade. Tell them I am so sorry but I really have not had much time lately, things are just busy and also I was not in my house for a good part of the week.

Well Christmas call is Saturday. I am thinking about having you guys call at 8 Utah, 1 here like last time. I will probably call Friday night and confirm with you guys. I am so excited to talk with you guys. Well yesterday the choir sang in Sacrament Meeting. Me and my comp were in the choir. There were many practices and we were the only men. If you thought Sis. Eccles was bad, hey here was worse, they wanted me so sing alone, I did not. Well there were 4 men that sang yesterday. Well things are going well. Have a good week and I will talk to you on Friday.

(A counselor in the Bishopric asked we write to Greg and ask him what he likes about being a missionary—this was his response) Just that I love being about the share what I know with everyone. Everyday my testimony grows. I love giving the First Vision because the spirit is so strong. I have had small lessons that the spirit is just so strong. It is really important to have the Ward members help in Missionary work especially with Recent Converts. I have seen the consequences that happen when the members don’t help. It is really sad, I have seen many RC fall away because their only friends were the Elders and they got transferred. I have gained a testimony on having members help in Missionary Work. Tell the YOUNG MEN GO ON A MISSION IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! I love just bearing my testimony to people, it helps strengthen my testimony and helps others.
I hope this helps.
Elder Shelley

Monday, December 13, 2010

15 Months Out!

Well there are times here that we forget stuff too. Also things are really busy. We have to think about many things, like numbers, visiting less actives, members, activities we are going, meetings that we have, Investigators, other missionaries in our zone. Things are busy here.

Well this last week I had a couple divisions. I stayed in my area and worked. We found many people that would be good to teach. I am really excited. I really want to stay at least one more transfer here. I know it will be 4 but I really want to stay here. Well as far as the activity goes. There were 4 people that showed up and me and my comp. Well one of the members brought 2 names so it worked. I just hope that this activity will work out. I get to go fishing in a little bit. I am really excited.

Tell everyone I send them a big hug. Well I can’t wait to talk with you guys on the 25th. We are still trying to find a place to call, I will let you guys know when we are sure. I can’t believe that I only have 9 months left. Time is just flying by so fast. Well I hit a year and 3 on the 16th. Well Thanks for all that you do for me. If you need anything just let me know. I love you mom.
Elder Shelley

Monday, December 6, 2010

Can you send snow to Brazil?! It is HOT here!!

Well can I tell you that I really want snow?! I am so sick of the heat. That is cool that everyone enjoyed the Nativity thing and it is good that Matt had a good time with Jess. I hope that things will go well with Juli. I really feel bad that I am not sending a present for her, but there is nothing really cool to buy. Well I will just make it up when I get back. I am sure grateful for the packages you guys send. I really love the candy. Well the 21 we will have a conference with the whole mission. I am really excited. Things are going okay. This week we had a few days that we wasted some time because the slacker elder wanted to do some stuff. Well I sat my comp down after and talked with him. It was good I just hope that we can just be able to teach people.

Well last night a cat went through our garbage and spread it everywhere. Well to make it worse it rained. I wanted to skin it. Oh well. Saturday we will be doing an activity that each member will bring the address and name of a friend. Then they will trade with someone else. Then they will make a visit and leave a Book of Mormon with them. They will also set up another appointment for the friend to come back with the missionaries. I really hope that it works. I will remember Jani in my prayers. Well it sounds like you guys are doing good. Well in 12 days I will be 20 and 1/2 and Juli will be 12, wow I still remember when I was 12. If you need anything just let me know. I don’t think I am sending a package this time for you guys, sorry I feel bad, but there is nothing here that is cool. Well have a good week, I love you and hope things go well.
Elder Shelley