Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baptism Pictures

Elder Barros, Evandro and Greg

A couple boys that were baptized from the ward

A Baptism!!

January 25, 2010

Hey Fam,
This week was pretty good. I had interviews with Presidente. He is just awesome. He told me some stuff to work on. Hey said I am a good missionary and he was excited that I was going to have a baptism on Sunday. I really love Presidente. He is just like a dad. Guess what right now for two years I have two dad and moms.

Tomorrow we have a zone conference, with 5 or 6 zones. I am so excited. They said that some very special people are going to be there. I hope that it is an Apostle.

By the way I HAD A BAPTISM. We baptized a man Evandro, he is 26 years old. It was really good. I will send a picture. Hey by the way dad and everyone else the toilets go clock wise. Hey I changed my mind, no gravy packets just surprise me.

Elder Shelley

Hey Mom,
It sounds like you guys had a great trip. Hey this week was really good. Hey I have to tell you something cool that happened yesterday. Well yesterday morning we went to find our investigators first Evandro but he went to his church. Then we went to find Zé Teodoro. He did not want to go to church with us. He said he will this next week. Then we picked up Bia--Recent Convert, Mateus-brother we baptized 2 weeks ago, and her other brother of 6 years. Then we went to church. Before Sacrament Meeting my comp said lets go get Evandro. We had a member drive us. The member took a wrong turn-too early but an amazing thing happened we happened to see Evandro down the road. We picked him up and went to Sacrament Meeting. After we baptized him. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we happened to run into him. Well it was good.

Hey I am sorry I haven’t written you guys any letters. I have been so busy. I hope emails are good enough. If I have time I will send to guys letters. By the way mom my comp has plenty of money. He just uses it to buy pictures.

Hey let anyone who wants to send me a package, they are free to do so. Hey I love you guys so much. It was good that you had a good time and that you guys were safe. Hey it was good that the kids were safe too. I prayed last week that they would not go skiing and that they would be safe. Hey thanks for all that you do, and thanks for the recipe. Hey don’t worry about sending me any gravy mixes, just surprise me. Hey remember I don’t need any more deodorant sticks, shoe polish, and scripture markers. Thanks so much for sending those things. Hey if I need anything I will let you guys know. Well have a good day and week. Hopefully it will stop snowing for a bit. Here we are in a hot part, but I think soon it will rain. Well I love you all so much and keep praying for me. Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

Yep it is 12:10 here in Araçatuba. Hey tell dad I say hi and anyone else that is still there. Tell Matt that when he gets home that I say hi. Hey have a good day. Well have a good one. I am going to get a haircut and buy some food for this week. Well take care, and keep praying for me and I will keep doing the same for you guys. Hey and tell Sid that I say hi.

Elder Shelley

Hey Jani,
Hey I had another Baptism this week. It was a man of 26 years old. Hey right now it has been really hot. Well that is too bad that you guys did not do much. Hey guess what I wanted to buy chicken cordon bleu, but when I went to the store they did not have any I was so bummed. Well I decided that I will buy my own groceries so at least I get what I want. Hey it sounds like youth conference went very well. Hey hopefully school will get better. Tomorrow we have a huge zone conference. They said that there are going to be some very special people there. I hope that it is an Apostle. Hey I have a question, is Wallaby´s still good or does the food taste bad. That is funny that Scott was down there at the same time as you guys. Well hopefully you have a good week, good luck on Mutual this week. Hey that is funny that you are in charge of food. Well this week was a little better with my comp. Guess what transfers are on the 8th of February. I am thinking that I will get transferred to another area. Well have a good week and hopefully school goes better. Hey I did bring my camera. I only have pictures of baptisms. Well have a good one. Remember if you have a question or want to email me you are free to do so. Well I love you a whole bunch and miss you even more. Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

Hey minha Irmã,
Hey that is too bad that you feel. It is good that you are feeling better. Hey did you have a good time with Joc last week? Tell me what you did. Hey hopefully your elbow will get better soon. Well have a good week.
Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley
(Layne and I were gone on a little vacation--Here is last week's email for January 18,2010)

Hey Everyone,
This week was awesome. We had two baptisms of the Ward-does not count for the mission. Hey this week went a little better. I am so sick of Hot dogs, rice, chicken. Because we have had that this past week every day. My comp is like the opposite of me. He does not like to spend money on food. I love him though. Hey is helping me a lot with learning the language. This week has been a little rough but I am doing better at being more patient with him. Still doing the same thing work, work work. LOL Hey it sounds like things are starting to warm up down there in Utah. Hey yesterday we talked with some ward members and apparently it will be rain and sun until March. I like the rain because it cools me off, but I don’t like being drenched LOL. Hey I am sorry I forgot my camera at the house. I will bring it next week. Sounds like everything is going well for you guys. Hey mom and dad have a good time of the Cruise and be safe. Irmão e Irmãs-Brother and Sisters- have fun with Joc and try and do something safe and fun. Just have a good time. Hey have a good break and be safe. Thanks for all of your prayers, they are helping. This week I should have two Baptisms hey could you guys in you prayers pray for these two investigators. I am so excited. Hey I got an email from Aaron and he has 3 baptisms marked for the end of this month. Hey if you guys know Ryan´s email address can you send it to me. Well have a good week and party on DUDES!!!!!
I love everyone of you guys. Um grande abraço.

Hey do they have small packets of pancake mix. The one that you add water and cook. Just wondering. Hey could you send me the recipe for pancakes. Hey have fun on your cruise and eat something for me, and tell me what you ate for me. Hey I am really hungry and I think I am going to buy some chicken cordon bleu. It is R$10.72. Hey guess what there is a super market close to our house and they have some stuff from the US. They have a bottle of Barbeque Sauce for 10 Reis. It is kind of expensive but cool that I can still get stuff from the US here. Hey in a future package could you put in another bag of M&M´s- they have small bags for 8 Reis. Things are really expensive here but the food is really good. I guess I would rather pay more for good food, than have food that was cheap and the food was horrible. Well have a good time on your cruise and yes I am Jelous-I know that is spelled wrong. Hey keep working hard and Thanks for all that you guys do for me. Keep working hard and I will do the same and hopefully this next week I will have 2 Baptisms. Well have a fun and safe time in Mexico. Well I better go. Hey transfers are on the 8th of February. Have a good one. Party on DUDES. Hey tell me about what you did on you cruise and what the boat was like. I love you and am praying for you guys every day. Um Grande Abraço.

Elder Shelley

Hey I forgot to say. Hey could you guys take a picture of the snow. I don’t have one in the photo album. Could you just send it in a letter-not email. That would be really cool to show the people down here.
Hey another thing hey bro and sisters don’t complain about doing the dishes. Just be glad that you have a dish washer and not have to do it by hand. I don’t know why but I am like the designated dish washer, when I was back home taking foods I washed the dishes, when I was with Elder Laxton I washed the dishes and now with Elder Barros I am washing the dishes. Just be glad that you just have to dry them off. Well have a good week and be safe. I love you all with all my heart. Work hard and play hard too. The play part is very important.

Elder Shelley

Hey mom,
Sounds good to hear that everything is going well for you guys. Hey that is fine to leave the shirt he got for me from the Secret Service there, tell dad Brigado. Hey have a good time on the Cruise, you guys are so lucky. Hey when you get back could you look on the internet for a conversion chart in PDF for me. It would help a lot with cooking because I forgot the conversions. Hey I can’t believe that Richard will be ready to serve a mission this Fall, I am so old. Hey this week I have Interview with President. I am so excited. Hey have a good and safe trip. Hey I am going to email the gang my regular email so don’t worry about forwarding it. I think it will be good for them to get an email. Hey I will pray for you guys, and pray that the kids will be safe with Joc. I love you and thanks for all that you do for me. Um grande abraço. (A big hug)

Elder Shelley

Hey Jani,
Next week tell me what you guys finally decided to do. Hey guess what I have had more lasagna down here then I have back at home. Hey tell me what you guys do for food. Hey can I tell you I miss American Food. This past week I have had hot dogs, rice, chicken, and noodles every day. I am so sick of them. My comp does not like to spend money on food. Well can I tell you that the hot dogs down here are nasty. They do not agree with me at all. Hey my comp does not know how to cook chicken, the other day I was eating chicken and half of it was raw. I quietly snuck by the garbage and threw it away with out him looking. Hey I think today I am going to buy chicken cordon bleu. It is R$10.72 for 4 ($6.12 American $$). The food here is expensive. For ice cream in a carton like R$15- 17($8,57-9,71 American $$) I don’t get ice-cream. Hey guess what they have a super market called Pão de Açucar-Bread of Sugar and I found some American products, for example BBQ sauce for R$10 for a bottle a little bigger than the salad dressing. I hope that makes sense. I really like my ward. Yesterday we talked with the Bishop, and he is an awesome man. He takes good care of me. Hey can I tell you what I am missing right now HOME MADE DOUGHNUTS. I don’t know why. Hey could you have mom send me a recipe for Home made doughnuts some time in PDF. Hey well I hope you have a good one. Keep me posted, hey and if any teachers want to see how I am doing, give them the blog. Hey could you do me a favor. Sometime at school ask Laurel if Ms. Jaussi-pronounced J as Y Yaussi- if she is still at the High School. If so could you visit Ms. Jaussi and tell her about my mission and give her the blog info. Thanks I forgot to tell Ms Jaussi before I left on the mish. That would be great. IF you don’t want to tell Jaussi see if Laurel could. Have a good one. Love ya, and tell everyone I say Hi and Party on DUDES!!!1

Elder Shelley

Hey guess what I am on the key indicator page of the mission, and some of my buddies from CTM were on there too. Hey I just wanted to tell you guys that. I just thought it was cool. By the way transferences are on the 8th of February. Have a good one.

Elder Shelley

Hey Matt,
Good to hear you are doing well. Hey that is good that Dwayne Wade got a technical. Hey cool that you are at the library. Hey tell me if you like UVU. Hey that is cool that you will be meeting with the missionaries this week. Hey have a good safe week.

Elder Shelley

Hey Juli,
How are things going? It sounds like you are busy with Knowledge Bowl. Keep up the good work. Hey I think that it would be best if you guys don’t go skiing until dad and mom get back. I think that it is safer. I just want you guys to be safe and have fun. Well hopefully school is going well. Well it sounds like it is starting to warm up a little. Hey guys what it is like 80 degrees when it rains. It is so hot down here I am ready to come back to snow. Well have a good one. I love you so much. Be safe and play hard. Have a good time with Jani and Matt and Joc. Just remember Party on DUDE!!!
Love ya,

Elder Shelley

Monday, January 11, 2010


Baptism with 9 year old, Mateus.

My baptism with Tyane 18 years old and Baby Veniseus 6 months

My dad, Elder Laxton--little bit of Disney

Cool Picture of my zone last transfer

My zone during last transfer

Rain, rain and more rain this week--but a Baptism!

Oi Fam,

This week was pretty good. We did have a baptism yesterday. We baptized Mateus he is 9 years old and is the brother of a recent convert. It was really good.

Hey I loved the Christmas Package. I finally got it. I loved the candy canes and the chocolate orange, m&ms. It was really good. Hey I don’t think I need shoe polish, deodorant, or scripture crayons. It was a really good package.

Hey Jani I remembered my camera this week. Hey it has rained a ton this past week. It is raining right now. My comp is okay, he still complains a little bit. I am still trying to have patience with him. Yes, I still love him. The language is coming faster I can see how the Lord is helping me everyday.

Well it sounds like this week was really good. Tell Grandpa happy B-day. Hopefully Cami will get doing better. Tell Brian’s family that they are always in my prayers. Thanks for the update.

Hey Matt thanks for the update on the sports. Hey when you know the scores put them in the email. Hey that is too bad that Beef is in Deacons. Hey tell him I say hi. Well hopefully the Jazz can finally start winning some games. Hey have fun at the Jazz game. Sounds like you mission is going great. Hey I miss you buddy.

Mom thanks for all the updates on things. Yeah hopefully everything will go great with dad’s work. Have fun on your cruise. Juli hopefully you will like you teacher. Hey guess what you will learn patience and so will I. Have a good week and good luck with knowledge bowl, I know you will do great. Well nothing really cool this week besides the baptism. Well thanks again for all you do, for your prayers. Have a good week. Eu amo Voces. Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

Monday, January 4, 2010

Feliz Ano Novo

Hey todo mundo,
This week was really good. I baptized yesterday. It was the best. Her name is Tyane. She is 18 years old. It was just really good. Hey my new comp is Elder Barros he is Brazilian. Right now he is bugging me because he has been complaining a lot about some places and how far away they are. We have walked a lot. It has been a little rough but everything is going well with him. Yes I still love him even if he bugs me. He is from Belem and he is 26 years old, he has been in the mission for 1 year and 3 months.

Hey it is kind of hard to trade in the money down here. If it is okay with you guys could you just put the money in my account and I will use the card. I will definitely get some jerseys. Hey could you tell grandma and who ever wants to send me money just give it to you guys and put it in my account. It is much easier to use the card. If it is a problem let me know next week. Could you guys check my account at least once a week. I hope that is not a problem. Hey if you don’t know what to send me in a package-throw in a tie or two. Not to be rude but the ties here are really cheap. I wore one tie I bought here twice and it is starting to come undone.

If you can’t find a Jersey don’t worry about it. Elder Laxton said that he was going to ask his girlfriend to send him one. If you don’t find it don’t worry.

It has been really hot lately. This past week it rained everyday. Hey if you thought Iowa was bad, here it makes the Provo River look like a puddle. It rains a lot, but it is good. Hey I gave Aaron Matt’s email and our home address, so check Matt’s email.

Jani you are going to hate me this week. I forgot to get my camera. I will definitely next week. Hey Jani go in and tell Mr. Hanks that I am in Brazil, ask him if he knows my mission. Juli I hope you are doing well. Hey Matt thanks for all the sports updates and hopefully the Jazz and kick things in gear and win a few. Hey hopefully you can work at Freedom, that would be awesome. Mom thanks for the updates and other things that are going on. Dad hopefully things will go better this week for work. Hey have a good week. Thanks for all of your prayers and updates. I will try and get you guys Jerseys. Well have a good week. Feliz Ano Novo-Happy New Year

Hey wish Grandpa a Feliz Anniversario-Happy Birthday and also Mike. Hey tell Austin his buddy says hi.

Elder Shelley