Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bombed by a Bird! Not Me, My Comp! Funny!!

My Zone at Zone Conference
My Companion is on the end back row and
yep, I am short!

Baptism of Luiz. (I talked with a member from Bebedouro, Yesterday.
He said the Luiz is firm in the Gospel. That is really good. The guy is a
Member of the High Council. That just made me very happy to hear.)

August 23, 2010
Well that sounds like you guys have had a good and busy week. Well I hope Matt will do well at ATEC. I know how it feels to do things you don´t want to, but you just have to be patient and put a smile on. The next transfers are next Monday. I am really hoping to stay with Busico. Well he is not doing so well. He caught a cold this past week so is just feels gross.

We are teaching a old lady about 70 years old Lourdes. We have taught her the first and second lessons and we have set a baptism date for next Sunday after Sacrament meeting. She wants to be baptized, so we are really helping her. Hopefully that will work out.

Quick question are there M&M´s in my next package? Cida wants to know. She is addicted with them. Well I hope that everything goes well for you this week.

Hey Matt have you played basketball a lot. I have not because not many people like basketball, they just like their soccer, there is something wrong with that. Well what are you guys doing for the last few days of freedom?

Well I really like my President. I talked with him last week because Busico needed to talk with him. President asked me what I wanted to be as a profession. I said I don’t know. He suggested that I go into medicine, because I have had experience with Elder Busico. It made me laugh. I forgot to tell you that my comp got bombed by a bird. We were walking and a bird nailed him on the shirt. It was pretty funny because he had just washed that shirt.

Jani, well how are you doing? I hope you had a good week. Well it is weird that you will be in school in a couple days. Well just enjoy the last couple days of freedom. We are teaching some good people. Well nothing really has happened, besides me still having diarrhea, I haven’t had a lot this week but I am so sick of that. I can’t wait until I get to come back and eat food and not have diarrhea. Well I am starting to get old. I have had some pain in my left knee, it comes for a day and leaves and comes back, I have also had some back pain, it stinks being old. Well have a good one. I love you.

Juli, well that is good that you had fun at Trafalga. Wow that is a lot of tickets for so little tokens. Ya time sure is passing fast. Well enjoy 6th grade, and especially enjoy these last couple days of summer. Well I am doing well. Thanks for taking care of Sid. Well have a good day. I love you a whole bunch.

Elder Shelley

Monday, August 16, 2010

11 Months! Time is flying by!!

Well this week was okay. Well we had a mission conference and it was 9 hours long. From 8:30am to 5:30 PM. Elder Tobias from the 70 was there. He spoke forever. He even wanted to cut out lunch to keep talking but I knew that there would be many hungry angry missionaries after him, LOL. I almost fell asleep many times. I have never been so tired in my life. It just drained the energy from me. I will put it in perspective for you guys. I have walked 20 miles in the heat and I still was not as tired as I was that day. It was a good conference but it was way too long. I did not have time to take pics because it was so long. Well it was supposed to end at 4 so there was no time to take pics, I am mad because one of my missionary friends is going home and I could not get a pic with him because he had to leave quick for the busses, oh well.

Things are going well. I have had diarrhea for the past 5 days, it really stinks.
Well today I hit 11 months. I can’t believe it already. Well time is just flying by so fast. Well my comp is doing a little better than before, so that is good. Well we are teaching some good people so the work is still going. Not too much teaching today but tomorrow we are going to try and teach a couple teenagers, and an older lady. Then we have a meeting with our LMA(Ward Mission Leader). Wednesday we are teaching a couple at night. She is a member and we are trying to get the husband to get baptized, but first we are trying to get them married. Well they go to Jobaticabal every Sunday because he has family there. And we try everyday the others that we have. That is about it. Well got to go. Write to you next week. I love you so much.

Well have a good day and week.

Elder Shelley

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Going Great

Hey Everyone,
Things are just going great here. It is really hot but what can you do about it. My comp is doing better we are able to work more. He is doing better. This last week his stomach was hurting him even more, but now it is doing okay. Well I got a hair cut today. I don´t know what else we are going to do. We are really starting to reactivate the less actives. I found a really good scripture during my personal study this week in Alma 34:41. It is a really good one on patience. Me and Elder Busico were talking the other day about how everyday you are tried with patience. Well things are going well here. It is like 90 before 10 am so during the day it is really hot, but things are going really good. Thanks for all that you do for me. Matt, that is really cool that you took out your Endowments. That is just an awesome experience. Hey when you get the chance keep going as often as you can. That is just one thing that I loved doing too. Hey that is one thing that I miss is going to the temple. Well hopefully you can get out and shoot some hoops. I love you and parabens(congrats) on going through the Temple. Have a good week. I hope things are going well back at home. I love you all.

Elder Shelley

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hey everyone,
Well this week was really good. My comp is getting better. We are able to work more, which is good. Well we taught a really good lesson about the Restoration yesterday. It is a 16 year old kid which is a friend of a member. I love it when we get references, it is like the best thing ever. Well things are just going good. It is really hot, I don’t understand it is supposed to be winter down here but it is in the 90´s everyday. Well we are preping some people to get married or at least think about getting married soon. Well that is about it that has happened this week. I miss the cheap fruit back in the states. Tell Jani that peaches down here are about $10-13 a kilo(2 pounds) and canned are even more. I just really miss eating healthy, that is one thing that is hard for me right now. But things are going well. Yep, I am glad that Juli is taking care of Sid. They have Parakeets down here and every time I see one that looks like Sid I really miss him, but it is good though. Thanks for everything that you do for me. Well tell Ava and Parker I say hi. Well tell Matt that rejection is all part of the work. I get so many people that aren’t home or they give an excuse to get rid of us. Like this week everyday our appointments fell. We were able to teach 1 person each day. Oh well that is just part of the work. Well it is good that the teaching thing went well for them. Thanks for everything that you do for me. Love you guys.
Elder Shelley