Monday, November 30, 2009

Eu Ti Ama

Sent: Mon, Nov 30, 2009 10:08 AM

Hey Fam,
This week was pretty good. We committed a guy to being baptized and he was good, until yesterday my comp went to get him, but our baptism said that his foot hurt from playing soccer and he said he wanted to do it another week. I think that it was an excuse and I can see how hard Satan works. Oh well maybe next week we will baptize him.

Hey I got the letter from Dave’s fam and tell Scott Eu ti ama (I love you). Hey I forgot to grab my camera so no pics this week. Hey to answer someone’s question about the food--it is really good. I love frango(Chicken). We eat at a member’s house every lunch. It is pretty good. I love it here the people are so nice. We slept over at the LZ´s House last night. We played chess and I am the champion. I creamed the people I played against.

Hey mom I will be probably sending some jerseys and hopefully a nativity set for Christmas. Hey don’t send jerky in packages I guess that it does not clear down here, another Elder’s package had to be sent back because of jerky. Hey Dad about calling here I am not sure yet but I will let you know when it gets closer and when I know.

Matt parabems(congrats) on your call. Hey thanks for all of the sports updates and GO BYU!!!!! Jani and Juli it was good to hear that your piano recital went well, I wish I could have been there.

Hey guess what I forgot it was Thanksgiving until one of the Elders told me. We cooked pasta and worked and chilled. It was so much fun. I can’t wait until Christmas and I get to talk with you guys. Hey mom we do have an oven, no microwave. Hey the apartments are pretty nice. Thanks for keeping me updated and hopefully soon I will send you guys a package. Oh I have not yet received the greenie package yet but I think I will this week because we have Mission Tour. Hey I am loving it here, by the way it rains pretty good down here. Well thanks for all the letters and prayers. Keep praying. Hey the language is starting to come, I can understand some parts for a conversation.

Elder Shelley

Hey guys,
Hey I am loving it here. It is the best. Hey that is cool that you were able to play outside. It is so stinken hot here, but I would rather take the hot than the cold. Hey guess what I got a letter from Aaron, it was when he was in the MTC em Provo. How is he doing in the campo (field)? Hey the language is coming. I am loving the field. I can’t believe I am on my 3rd semana (week). Time is passing by so fast. Hey I totally forgot about Thanksgiving. We cooked some pasta, rice, had pizza and just chilled. It was a lot of fun. Hey I bet it was weird not having grandpa and me there.

I love sharing the Gospel with the people here. This last week we had a conference with all the wards-like a stake conference and Presidente Viera spoke and I could understand quite a bit of his talk. It is too bad our baptism fell through. But the other missionaries in our zone theirs fell through too. We(Zone)were supposed to have 7 this week and ended up having 2-Elder Knowles and ELder Barbosa. Oh well. Well have a good one and hopefully work will go better for you dad this week. Mom hope you have a good week too, and tell the guys hi. I am trying to send you guys a package and Juli a B-Day Present. Hopefully. Well thanks for all of your prayers. Keep praying because I need all the help I can get.

Hey tell the Cleggs that I will include them in my prayers and that I am thinking about them. Tell Parker, Ava, Bro and Sis Clegg hi. Thanks for the update on their family. Hey if you see Austin tell him his buddy says hi. Hey could you send me the address for Mike and Catherine, Brian, Janice, Dave and Natalie- I will probably want to write them sometime. Well take care and tell Matt, Jani and Juli hi, and Sid too. I miss you guys so much. I will let you guys know when the package come, hey how big is it? Well have a good one.
Eu te amo.

Elder Shelley

Monday, November 23, 2009

Let the mission begin! Santana--Aracatuba

Hey Fam,

Everything is going great. My first area is Santana. It is a really cool place. My new companion is Elder Laxton, he is from North Carolina. I am so excited to finally be out in the mission field. Hey guess what, I baptized for the first time. I helped some guys in our area, Elder Knowles and Elder Barbosa. It was cool to baptize. I had to have help from one of the Elders but it was awesome. The mission is awesome. I am contacting people and teaching lessons. It is really cool, the spirit is strong in each meeting and when we contact. I am really loving it out here. Yesterday we ate at Mel´s mothers house. Mel is one of the ladies in the ward that helps out the missionaries.

Hey just the other day when we were teaching a lesson I was having the people read in James 1:5 and I said the chapter right but instead of saying cinco I said five, it was the first time I messed up on the number, but everything went very well. I am really liking the area and the other missionaries. Last night we had a sleep over at Elder Knowles and Barbosa´s house and we slept outside and about 1 in the morning it started to rain so we had to go inside. But I am really liking the area and the people that I meet. The bus ride from Rib. to Santana was about six hours by bus. I slept most of the way.

Hey Matt congrats on you mission call. I hope you enjoy it. Hey thanks again for all of the sports updates. Hey when does Carsten leave? Tell him congrats.

Hey mom for a package just put in whatever, I don´t know what I need. Whatever you want to put in. Hey by the way it was a good thing dad packed that extra bag because the night I was packing I needed that bag, it was hard to get the bags to weigh the max but I am glad we packed all the things because my area is on the other side. All of the guys in my MTC district are close to each other and I am the outcast. Hey well I hope that you guys have a good week.

Hey I forgot to get the card reader so this week I don't have pics. But next week I will get some. Hey my P-days are on Monday.

Hope everything is going well.

Elder Shelley
(Greg emailed Layne and explained that Santana is in the city of Aracatuba and the area is Santana if you want to use google map. He had only a 30 minute plane ride to Ribeirao Preto but then rode a bus to Aracatuba for about 6 hours.)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We got mail--again!!

We got a letter dated 11/8/09 (day is dia, month is mese and year is ano)

Hey Family,
How are things going? I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. I can't believe I have 9 days left here at the CTM. I went proselyting on Friday and it was the best experience ever. It is just what I needed because during that week, I was struggling really bad with the language and I didn't think I would do very well.

On Friday, we went to the center of São Paulo to Sâo Bento Square. The first guy we talked with was an older man. We shared our message about the gospel then we started talking about the Book of Mormon. He seemed to be really interested. We gave him the Book and he sat there reading it for an hour and a half. It was cool to see how someone accepted something we had.

Another experiencia we had, we talked with a guy that was in his early 20’s. We started to share our message. My comp. Elder Huxford shared a scripture in John talking about sheep of this fold. Then this guy started getting emotional. At first, I thought dust got in his eyes because it was kind of windy. Then we started bearing our testimonies to him about the church, Book of Mormon and families can be together forever. Then he really let it go, he was crying. I right then gained a testimony of how powerful testimonies are. It was a really cool experience.

My other experience was one of our last. We were walking by and some guys wanted to talk with us. We started sharing our message and one of the three came up and showed my comp. some scriptures from the Bible, don’t worry they were good. But, while he was doing that I taught 5 guys about the Book of Mormon and answered some of their scriptures. I gained a testimony on D&C 100:6 (“For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea in the very moment, what ye shall say.”), because I experienced it that exact hour. It was not hard for me to speak, I was clear and best of all I was not nervous. It was what I needed in my life at that time. It was the best ever. I am so excited to get out into the field. I also witnessed a guy going from yelling in our face to being humble by sharing testimony. It has been a great week.

Thanks again for the pictures, my district and Irmä Elías liked them. Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for all that you do for me.

Love you all,
Elder Shelley

Monday, November 16, 2009

We Got Mail!

We got a letter dated November 1, 2009
Hey Family,
Another week has gone by. Time is flying by so fast. I can't believe that I only have 16 days left in the CTM. I am doing pretty good. My body is finally getting use to the food. Today is Fast Sunday. We had a mission conference. It was really good, but I fell asleep during one of the talks. We had Fast and Testimony meeting. I was the first one to get up and share my testimony. This was the 2nd time I was one of the first ones to share testimony. It was a very good meeting.

We had an interesting week this week. The Brazilian in our room got sick and he was coughing all night long. He went to the doctor and they quarantined him. Then yesterday they wanted to talk to us. They think he has swine flu, but they don't think it is bad because he didn't have the great big symptoms, they caught it early. They told us to watch our temperatures and just be smart. I am doing very well.

This week we worked on lesson 3 em Portuges. I am doing okay with this lesson. I am learning quick and I can see how the Lord is blessing me with learning the language.

I am doing very well. Today's lunch was very good. We had pasta and watermelon. It was very good. I am glad I am on a mission and learning the gospel in Portuguese. Thank you guys for all the updates on Grandpa and other things in life. I missed not going to Disneyland with you guys, but it was good to hear you guys had a good time. Hey, I wondered what you guys decided to be for Halloween. They had a holiday like it down here. They celebrated it on the 30th.

I still can't believe how fast the time is flying by. Some of my good missionary friends are leaving on Tuesday. When you guys get this, they will be out into the field. I can't wait to get out and share the gospel. We get to go proselyting this Friday. I am so excited.

It is so much fun to email you guys and hear how things are going. I especially like emailing when mom and dad are there, it makes it seem like you guys are right next to me. I really appreciate the sports updates Matt and all the other updates Jani and Juli. Hey, take care and thanks for all of your prayers. I miss you a ton.
Elder Shelley

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 8 at the CTM

Sent: Wed, Nov 11, 2009 09:31 AM
This week was one of the best. On Friday we went proselyting to the Heart of São Paulo. It was really cool. The first guy we met showed interest in the Book of Mormon. We bore our testimonies and he wanted the book. We gave him the book and he started to read it right there. Then we went to contact other people and the guy was still reading it. We guessed that he was reading it for an hour and a half. It was cool that someone accepted what we were teaching.

The other experience that I had was when we contacted another guy in his early 20's. We started and shared a scripture in the Bible about lost sheep in Matthew. He started to tear up. We thought he had dirt in his eye because it was a little windy. Then when we bore testimony he really let down a rain storm. It was so cool the power of testimony. I gained a testimony on how strong testimonies really are.

Ok my final story. It was toward the end of the time, well we were walking and some guys stopped us and wanted to hear our message. Well we started and Elder Huxford started reading from the Bible and one of the guys came up and started sharing other scriptures-don´t worry they were not bad. Then there was one guy that asked me about the Book of Mormon. I could share my testimony and tons of stuff about the Book of Mormon. I was not scared or nervous. Words came into my mind and I spoke very clear. I gained a testimony on D&C 100:6. I know that the Lord was helping me that day.

Hey maybe in the next package you guys send maybe put a couple packs of the scripture crayons. Hey I did get a package of cookies the other day from Bro. T´s sister. It was very good, she is an awesome lady.

Hey I have a couple questions
First what time is it? I want to know the time difference because of Daylight savings time.

Hey could you send me an email about our family pedigree chart. I need to bring it tomorrow for class and I need the information.

Dad I have a quick question do you remember what my suit cases weighed before I left. The reason is I think I have a weight limit of 50 pounds per suit case.

I just had ice cream with my teachers it was really good, they had a sweeten condensed milk one that was very good. I went to the temple again for the last time. It was cool I was with Elder David, he was the first Brazilian in my room.

Well I hope everything is going well back at home. Hey write on at tag for the balloon thing for Grandpa that I love him and will always remember the good times we had.

Elder Shelley

Hey Juli
The Banana pizza is really good, it taste like chocolate and bananas. Hey good to see you are doing very well. Take care.

Jani that is good you did your talk. Well I hope that school is less stressful. Well take care.

Matt thanks for all of the sports updates and hey that is way cool that you received the Melchizedek priesthood. Hey that is cool about your mission, keep me updated on how well you do.

Mom and Dad thanks for all that you do for me. I can´t believe that I will be going into the field next week I think on Tuesday. Well that is good that the funeral went well. Well take care and keep me posted on new news. I love all of you guys very much.

Hey I forgot to tell you that last night they had a black out. It was cool to see the lights flicker. I don´t know if it happened to you but it was way cool. Oh yeah and yesterday during the fireside my district sang the prelude music, we sang I Feel My Savior’s Love, Abide with Me tis Even Tide, and I Know My Redeemer Lives. We did a great job.

Hey thanks for the info. Hey in a next letter could you print out a copy of a pedigree chart and send it, so I can have it. I hope that won´t be hard for you. Thanks again for the info. I am so glad for email and how fast I can get info. Have a good day.

Elder Shelley


Sao Paulo Brazil Temple

Greg at the Sao Paulo Temple

Our District with Irma Camila (left) and Irma Elias (right)

Irma Elias and Elder Wooley and Elder Huxford

Me and my Basketball Buddy

Another Picture of the Sao Paulo Temple

A Brazilian Missionary--Elder Nacimento

Here are some Brazilians that helped me learn some Portuguese and I helped them learn English. We read the Book of Mormon together.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Week 7 at the CTM

Sent: Wed, Nov 04, 2009 08:05 AM
Hey Family,

This week has been a great week. I went to the Temple again. I can´t believe I only have one more time. I had a really cool experience in the Temple today. I loved the spirit that was there, but I especially loved being able to feel Grandpa´s spirit there. I could tell that Grandpa was with me as I did the session and also when I was in the
Celestial Room. It was the best feeling ever.

It is too bad that Grandpa passed away. I am really going to miss him a whole bunch, but I know that we will see him again. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have about the Gospel. I am glad that I know that there is life after death and that we can see our loved ones. These past couple weeks, I have more fully understood the Plan of Happiness since I have been here. I understood it before I got here but it has touched me more these past few weeks.

Hey I wish I could make it to the funeral, but tell everyone that I love them. Thanks for letting me know. Yes it will be okay for you to send me Obituary I would definitely like to read it.

Thanks for all of your prayers for me.

Elder Shelley

Thanks for calling the CTM this week to let me know about Grandpa, I actually was hoping you would call and let me know. I am glad that I know what I do about the Gospel and that I will be able to see Grandpa again. Thanks for all that you do for me and for all of you prayers because I need them so much. I still can´t believe that I have less than 2 weeks left. It is crazy how fast time is flying by. Well I hope everything goes well at the Funeral and know that I love you guys so much. Hey and by the way every time I hear a bird tweet I am reminded of Sid, I hope he is doing well. Well anyways have a good week.

Hey everything is going very well. Hey this last week Elder Ellis of the 70 came and spoke he did a very good job. He talked about helping build up the kingdom and how you can get the trust of members and many more topics, after I talked with him and he served a little time in my mission. I thought that was cool.

Well I hope everything is going well at home. I can´t believe that I have 2 weeks left mais um-one more P-Day. Well take care and I hope the funeral goes well and tell the Fam that I love them and miss them a whole bunch.

Thanks for all that you do for me I miss you and I especially miss your food, not to be rude but the food here is terrible, but at least we get fed. Well have a good day and hopefully everything will got better and the funeral will be good. I love you so much. Thanks again keep emailing me as much as you want.

Elder Shelley


President Obama--no just kidding it is a Brazilian missionary

Elder Hooker

Elder Smith

Elder Lyman

Elder Hulse

Elder Nelson
Elder Steck from St. George
Elder Kendrick

Elder Payne and Elder Duckett

All of these Missionaries left yesterday. These guys were in the classroom next to us, our gym buddies and they are my best friends here in the CTM.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We got mail!

Here is a letter from Greg dated October 18, 2009
(Just so you know, Greg’s Grandpa Shelley passed away Oct. 31, 2009)

Hey Fam,
How are things going? I am doing very well. Today is Sunday. I am so tired because of the time switch, but I am doing well.

Me and Elder Huxford taught about the importance of setting goals in district meeting. It went very well and the spirit was very strong. I love the guys in my district, we all just seem to click and get along with each other. Our District leader, Elder Brewer was just made the A.P. I am so excited for him. He will do great. Our new District leader is Elder Wooley. He is an amazing guy, very shy and humble. They both will do great in their new callings.

I can’t believe I am starting my sixth week. It has gone by so fast. I can’t believe I have been in the CTM for a month. Where has the time gone? I am so excited for Friday because Elder Scott is coming to the CTM. I just finished polishing my shoes. They are so shiny that I can see myself in them. Thanks dad for teaching me how to shine my shoes, it made it easier. This Friday we get to go proselyting here in São Paulo.

Just this past week yesterday we had TRC which is where we teach actual members a lesson em (in) Portugês. We did very well. I struggled at the beginning because I was nervous, but after the first minute I was fine. Oh yeah they film you as you teach and fix some things and repractice. It was tough but we made it through. It was a good learning experience. I can’t wait to go proselyting and share my testimony sobre (about) O Livro de Mórmon.

Thank you for keeping me up to date with Grandpa. I hope things will start to be better. I understood the Plan of Salvation, but it has not hit me until now and before I left with Grandpa. I am glad I have that knowledge that there is life after death, and that we will see others in the spirit world. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the true gospel and it has been restored through a prophet Joseph Smith. I also know that Thomas S. Monson is the current living prophet on the Earth. I also know that my Savior loves me so much that he atoned for my sins, sorrows and misdeeds. I am grateful that he did this for me and for all of his brothers and sisters. I also know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and Joseph Smith translated it through the power of God. I also know that the Savior is always there for you and can lift you up when you are going through a rough time in your life. I know that Families are Forever.

It will be sad when Grandpa goes, but I know that we can see him again. I know he has lived a great life. I am grateful for his example for his love for the gospel.

Tell everyone I say hi. Tell Grandma G. and Grandma Shelley thanks for the letters. I miss you guys and love you guys so much. Thank you for all that you do for me. Thank you for your prayers. Keep praying for me because I need all the help I can get. I still can’t believe that 1 month from yesterday I will be leaving the CTM and going to Ribeirão Preto. I am so excited. It will be hard but in the end it will be worth it. I love you guys and pray for you every day.
Elder Shelley