Monday, July 19, 2010

Our visit with Cida, Dinah and Natalia

Our family at the Busico Home with
Aparecida and Dinah Ivey and their friend Natalia

A fun picture with Aparecida as we shared some M&Ms.

Yesterday, our family was able to run up to the Busico home (Greg's companion's home in Salt Lake) and meet Aparecida and her daughter Dinah (17 years old) and their friend Natalia. They were so kind and fun. They are members in Greg's ward right now in Iraja, Ribeirao Preto. Greg loves to visit with her husband Bob. He is an American that keeps up on the sports scores. She loves cooking for Shelley because he loves her food especially her chocolate cake. She make him chocolate cake for his birthday and he had to have an extra piece. She said that he is a very good missionary and will try anything she fixes for him. She says he is a good eater. They were so fun to visit with. She told us that he shared with her some M&Ms we had sent him and loved them. I had brought a package of M&Ms and Skittles to give to them for their ride back down to California. She loved them. I am so impressed with how loving and caring the Brazilian people are and how blessed we are to have Greg serving with them. The first thing she did as we walked in was to give Matt a huge hug and said he looked just like Shelley. She said that Greg talks about him all the time and loves his brother. She gave us all big hugs and told us stories about Greg and his companion. She said that he is speaking Portuguese very well. It was a wonderful afternoon. What terrific people!

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