Monday, July 12, 2010

Almost 10 months!

Hey guys,
Well how are things going? Well you guys won’t believe it but they have a Burger King down here. I ate at it a little while ago. It was really good but way expensive. Well my comp is not doing too well. He thinks he caught strep this a couple days ago. His tonsils are swollen and his throat hurts. Well I am helping him the best that I can. Well I am really liking our new president. Well nothing really big that happened this week. Well Spain won the World Cup. Well it is the last week of the transfer. I will know Saturday if I will be transferred or not. I really don’t want to. Well here in a few days I will have 10 months here on the mish. Time is really flying by. Well I love you guys so much. Oh we did teach a family about the Temple, it was really good the spirit was so strong and it was just really good. Well have a good week. Love you guys.

Elder Shelley

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