Monday, November 29, 2010

King of the Chocolate Bar!

Tell Grandpa and Grandma thanks. Well this week was okay. Hey I received a letter from Cade and it talks about Flat Stanley. I have no clue what to do, if you have any suggestions that would be great. We cleaned the church this last week. That was fun. I had the job to fill some buckets full of water. Well I decided to play a joke on my comp. Well I had an empty bucket and my comp was cleaning the bathroom. I decided to run in and act like I was going to dump it on him. It made him jump really big, it was funny.

I am really hoping that we can get people to teach here in Santa Felicia. Please could you include that in your prayers that we can find people in our area. I did not have to teach in Sacrament Meeting. Well we are teaching a family in Ibaté. The mom and son are not members. The Daughter and daughter-in-law are less active and the brother is a returned missionary from this mission.

Well that is good that you had a good time at Mike’s. Well nothing really new this week. Oh Friday they had a Church Activity. Only 11 people showed up. They had a question answer thing which was fun. Then they had a game that had to do with chocolate. You have 4 people in a circle and each has a knife and fork and there is a chocolate bar in the middle. Well you roll a die and you pick a number if the die lands on that number you go and open the chocolate bar and start eating. Then everyone else rolls the die and if it lands on that number then the other person eats. Well guess who won, ME!!!!!!!!!! It was a good activity.

WOW everyone is having a baby soon. It is like having a baby boom. Tell them congrats. I will probably be here for Christmas. The next transfer is the 3rd of January. I don’t know because I received an email that shows how much money we have in the account for the church and I have like 130 Reis and I don’t know why. Well things are going here. It is really hot, but good. I am still not sure when I want to come home. Well have a good one. I am not sure about sending you guys presents because there really is nothing and things are really expensive. I hope that that is okay. Well if you need anything just let me know.
Elder Shelley

Monday, November 22, 2010

Still in Sao Carlos

Well I am still here in Sao Carlos and I am still with Menezes. I am not really excited, but what can you do? Well this week I have been with another missionary because his comp really hates him and so he called president and asked for a division. It is okay but now that Elder hates me too. The reason is that the assistants called and asked if this Elder had a cell phone chip. I told them the honest truth and said yes he did, and thus this one elder hates me too. It is really going to be an interesting transfer. Well, we will just see how things play out.

Well Thursday me and Elder Rich had a really good day. Well, we did not really have anything planned out so we just walked and made contacts. Well he made a contact with this older lady. We found out that her brother died and she thought that God was punishing her because her brother died. He taught a few quick lessons. And here is the cool part, well then towards the end this guy on a motor scooter asked if we teach the word and I said yes we do. Well he said his mother in law has cancer and he wanted us to teach her. So we went right to this place. Well I forgot to ask the guys name and so this guy answered the door and we told him that his son in law said for us to come here, well it was a little awkward. Then they let us come in. Well my comp Elder Rich asked if we could give her a blessing. Well I have the blessing. Then we asked if we could share our message. They said yes. Well there were 3 people when we started and then at the end we had 9 people just listening to us. It was really good. The spirit was so strong and it was just what both of us needed.

That is about what is new and cool. Well thanks for the info about college. I will pray and still find out what to do about school. Well things are still going here. I really hope that this will go well. Well have a good week and Happy THANKSGIVING. Well there is an Elder that is coming that I am really good friends with him, so I am excited. I know that this transfer will be a struggle but it will work out. I love you and thanks for all that you do for me. As for Trek I don’t know what I would do if I were you. I can see your concern with the kids and leaving them home. I would just consider praying again and ask for a specific thing. I will pray for you guys too. Well I hope that the IEP for Matt goes well. Well have a good week.

Elder Shelley

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

14 Months!!

November 15, 2010
Well how are you doing? My week was really slow, we did not get much done. Did you ever have those types of weeks? Well my week was okay. I am excited that it is the last week before transfers. I kind of hope that I stay but we will see. Well I hope that work is doing good. Thanks for all that you do for me. Oh I shared the cinnamon Devils with my comp and it about killed him. He thought it was really spicy, it made me laugh. Well I hope you have a good week. Wednesday we will have Zone Conference. Well have a good one and if you need any thing just let me know.
Elder Shelley

Well I hope you guys can get stuff worked out for Matt. I really don’t see anything good with ATEC of whereever he is now. Well I will remember this in my prayers. Yes I agree that Jani should not drive during these snowy times. The students there do not know how to drive. I have almost got hit many times. I think it will be safer for her and plus the bus is not bad either. That is too bad about Juli and the contest, that is funny that she spent so much time on the painting and so little on the poem and she won for the poem. That is funny about Spencer wanting a football. Well that is cool for Jan and Scott. Tell them congrats. That will be awesome for Cami to be done in February. I will definitely remember her in my prayers. Oh yesterday we had the Primary Program here in our Ward. It was funny because the Primary President is the bishop’s wife and she asked me and my comp to sing with them the song I hope they call me on a mission. Well they ran out of time so we did not have to sing. The funny part was there was a girl that did a solo and the president pushed the microphone down but the girl pushed it out of the way, it was really funny. Well I am excited that this is the last week of this transfer. I hope that I stay but I think I will be transferred. Well we will find out. I just hope I get a good comp that will want to work and not be a slacker. Well tomorrow I hit 1 year and 2 months. I can’t wait to get home and share all my experiences that I am having. Well I hope that things go well for you this week. I love you and thanks for all that you do for me.

Hey I forgot to tell you guys that I almost had to give a talk yesterday. We showed up in Ibaté and the ward that was supposed to be there was not there. Well my comp said to prepare a talk because we are going to have a meeting anyways. So I prepared a talk with scriptures about the Atonement. Well before it started our Ward Mission Leader came over to us and asked if my comp would be able speak for a few minutes, I was glad that he did not pick me.

Here we are working with the ward list of member active and less active. It is going okay, but not great. Well we went on a division with some young men in the ward and found a few people to teach here in Santa Felicia. Well keep praying that this area will be able to find people to teach and be willing to accept our message. We are trying our hardest but things just keep falling and my comp also likes to waste time at members houses, this bugs me and I have talked with him about it. I love visiting the members, but they don’t care about our time and I just hate wasting time. I am here to share the Gospel not to sit on my butt and do nothing. Well that is just the culture here, not to be rude but that is true.

Well I am so grateful that you guys have taught me to work hard and do my best. It is funny because I was talking with Elder Rich ( He the other LD) yesterday and he said that the Brazilians like Americans because we know how to work. I am just so grateful for everything that you guys have taught me. I know that I was a pain about doing work, but now I realize the blessings about work.

Oh I was also talking with Elder Rich yesterday and he was talking about a family business they have. It is down at Jacobs Lake. He told me that I would love to work there. So I am wondering if you guys have time to research more about this place. If you could that would be great. He said that it would be fun and that I would love it there. He said it pays pretty good too.

Well thanks for everything that you both have done for me. I love being a missionary. I have mixed feelings right now. I want to mission to fly by so I can come home and tell all about my adventures and experiences. And at the same time I don’t want it to fly by because I just love being a missionary and sharing my testimony with everyone about the True Gospel on the Face of the Earth. My testimony about everything has grown tremendously since I have been here for a Year and 2 months. I still can’t believe that I only have like 10 months left. Well have a good week and be safe. If you need anything just let me know. Hey thanks for the packages, I love the candy. Thanks for everything. Um grande abraço, amo voces muito.

Oh, I think that I will be coming home the first part of September, like the 7th. President said that we can come home early but it is for school. I have to let him know 5 months before I go home. I am not positive yet. When do I have to let you know? What would you guys think? I was thinking about coming home and work a little to get money and spend some time with you guys. If I did decide to go home early it would be like the 27 of Julyish. Well just let me know what you guys think. Love you and have a good day. AND PARTY ON DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Shelley

Monday, November 8, 2010


Sao Carlos at Dusk

Boy, did we get surprised with a storm!

Confirmed My First Person Sunday...

Well this week was okay. I confirmed my first person yesterday so that is cool and exciting. Other then that it is just hot and hotter. Yep that is exactly how I feel about Sundays. That is too bad about Bro Merkley. Thanks for letting me know, hey and tell him I say hi. Me too, I wish that there could be something better for Matt. Yesterday since it was fast Sunday, I fasted so that you guys could find the best for Matt. I have been thinking about that quite a bit this past week. I just want the best for him and I just hope that things and the IEP will go well.

I will try and look for something for you guys for Christmas, I will probably wait to send it until after the 22 because of transfers. I am probably going to be transferred and turn senior or LD, I don't know what Presidente will decide. I am not sure, if not LD then Senior, either way I will be turning senior. I am excited and scared at the same time, so please include this part in your prayers. Just load the package with candy. Just put in what ever you want.

I hope that there are no Beehives with bloody noses either, LOL. Well that is funny with Juli and hunters safety. Well I just can’t wait until September. Oh, I have until April to decide what I am going to do about going home. If I go home a transfer early it will be July 26ish, or if I stay it will be about Sept. 7ish what ever the Wednesday is. I don’t know what to do yet. Right now I think stay until Sept.

Well things are going good. My comp is in Ribeirao for the next few days. There is a seminary for all LD´s and LZ´s. He will get back on Thursday night. So I will be with another Elder. I hope things go well. If you need anything just let me know. I love you and thanks for all that you do.

Elder Shelley

Monday, November 1, 2010

It is Hot and Hotter

Rich, Menezes, Medoca, Lopes, Nolte and me eating Popcicles
Did I tell you it is getting Hot?!

This is the first time I have been on it and there is a minimum you have to do. Thought you'd like to see it.

These are the 3 girls we baptized. (I baptized the one 3 from me)

Toucan out of a cage. A couple flew by me. It was really cool.

Well how are you? I am doing just fine. Hey well this week was ok, but dragged on forever. Did you ever have those days? Well did you have a good Halloween? They don’t really celebrate it down here. Well I can’t wait for when I get home and will be able to see seasons change. Here it is just hot and hotter. It also rains but then gets really hot again. Well mom said that you are probably might go hunting with Paul, well have a good time and tell them hi for me. Well have a good one and if you need anything just let me know. Saturday it rained almost the entire day. I got soaked. Well that is one thing that I am learning everyday is patience. Well at least today is P-Day. We had two baptisms fall on Saturday. They said that they want more time and I think that they are having trouble with Law of Chastity. We will see what happens this week. We did play basketball this morning, that was fun but I really stink. I miss playing with a net too. Well have you sent a package recently? If so when? Well nothing really has happened this week besides the same old. Me and my comp are doing well. We did have a barbeque at a member’s house yesterday for lunch, that was really good. Well can I tell you that I miss cold weather. I love you and thanks for all that you do. I hope that your week goes well.

Elder Shelley