Monday, December 28, 2009

Feliz Natal

Sent: Mon, Dec 28, 2009 05:47 AM

Hey Fam,
This past week was awesome. I loved talking with all of you guys. That was the best part of Natal. I loved hearing your voices. Right now it is raining a ton. I don’t have any pictures because I left my camera. I will send you more next week.

I am sad that my comp. Elder Laxton left yesterday to go to Ribeirao. I will miss him he was a good pai. I am very excited to get my new comp. I will get him tomorrow. I think that he is going to be Brazilian.

I have not been feeling very good too, my stomach has been acting up, but I am doing very well. By the way we did not have a baptism this week. Our investigator did not show up. I will try better this week to try and baptize. Well I hope everything is going well. Hope you guys have a good week. Hey matt tell Brother Shepard that he needs to repent of his sin of being a Lakers fan. Hey I love you all. Have a good week. Hope everyone feels better and has better heath this week. Thanks for all of your prayers they are helping. I love you all.

Elder Shelley


How are things going? That is good that Matt did a good job. Hey that is really funny about Sid and his new toy. Hey that is too bad that everyone got sick last week. Hopefully everyone will feel better. Tell Janice thanks for the card. I really liked it. Hey tell Matt to keep me updated. This last week me and Elder Barbosa-an elder in zone-we went to the zoo and I found out that Tucanos means Toucans. I just thought that was cool. Hey it is a bummer there are two people that left--my comp and Elder Barbosa. Well I hope everything goes well for you guys this week. Thanks for all of your prayers, tell everyone hi.

Elder Shelley

Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree Pictures and Email

Greg's first Charlie Brown Tree

It even comes with blinking lights

Here is a picture of a nursery so Matt could see
what another Primary's nursery looks like.

Sent: Mon, Dec 14, 2009 05:31 AM
Hey Family,
This week was okay. This week flew by. We had many divisions with the other missionaries. We did not baptize this week and to make it even worse none of our investigators came to church. Well this week we are going to crack the whip. It has been colder because it has rained a ton down here. It is good.

We did buy a Christmas tree, it is small-we call it our Charlie Brown tree. I will send a picture. Hey I sent some presents for you guys. I sent it on Dec. 10- It will be there in 25 days from Dec 10. I could of had it by Christmas but it would of been a lot more money. Hope you guys don’t mind. I hope I got the right sizes for everyone.

Oh yesterday we went to a members house for lunch and he wants a Real Salt Lake Jersey. I told him that I would email you guys. He is a Large. The jersey is read and blue. Could you send that as soon as possible? I will pay you guys back. The guy is way cool.

Hey Happy Birthday Juli of Friday. Hey tell mom that I am giving you 20 dollars and you can get what ever you want. I can not find anything worth sending you for your birthday. It was either too cheap or way expensive. So have fun spending a little money.

That stinks that dad has not had much sleep. Hopefully everything will go well for him. Jani hopefully everything goes well for you for choir. That is good that Grandpa Pehrson’s party went well. Thanks for all of the updates. Matt I hope you have a good week, keep working hard. Hey and how are the Jazz doing? Well have a good one buddy.

Oh the packages go to the office. They have it there. I have to wait until they have like a conference, etc. They have these things about 4 times a transfer. So you can send packages whenever and I will get it. I hope that makes sense. Well have a good and safe week. I love you guys.

Elder Shelley

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pictures from President Vieira

President and Sister Vieira with Greg

Greg and his new companion Elder Laxton

Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter from Greg's Mission President

We just received a letter dated Nov.19, 2009

Dear Shelley Family,
We are excited to have your son, Elder Gregory Layne Shelley, in our mission. This will be a great opportunity for continued growth and development as he serves faithfully here in the mission field. He will meet, teach, convert and touch the lives of many people who are seeking to know, understand and live the truths of the restored gospel. Your son will have the opportunity to grow closer to the Lord and better understand how to recognize the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Through his continued study and application of gospel principles, we pray his testimony will increase and his love and obedience to Heavenly Father's revealed truths will forge a pattern for the rest of his life.

Along with missionary service come many new and interesting demands and challenges. Your son will continue to learn and adapt to new and interesting customs, cultures and foods, as well as a new language and schedule. As parents you play a very important role in the well being of your missionary. Your continued love and encouragement will give him the support and help he needs. Please write him regularly, sharing your testimony and love of this great gospel plan and help him stay focused on this sacred work.

Trust the Lord's watchful care as you pray regularly for all the missionaries throughout the world. Remember the Lord has said:

"I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angel round about you, to bear you up." (D&C 84:88)

My wife and I are very grateful to have your son serving by our sides in this great missionary effort. The lives of many will be influenced and blessed because of your son's great service and dedication. We will do our best to help your son succeed in his service to the Lord. Thank you for preparing a son, that is willing and ready to be of service in this part of the Lord's vineyard. May the Lord bless you for your sacrifice and help in this important eternal endeavor.

With love,
President and Sister Vieira

Monday, December 7, 2009


Let the mission begin!

Me and Elder Laxton walking

Me with President Viera (left) and Elder Godoy (Right)


Cake (I made with help of the supermarket)

Me with a parrot (I can't remember the name)--
We decided it should be Sid 2

tree with fruit (I don't remember the name)

My bed

Our kitchen

me cooking

I am so glad that I am here...

Sent: Mon, Dec 07, 2009 11:53 AM
Hey Family,
Things went great this week. I baptized this week. The person we baptized was Iara(yara). It took me three times, first time her foot went up, second her head didn’t go down all the way, but the third was perfect. It was a really cool experience. We confirmed her a member yesterday in Sacrament Meeting.

We have a washing machine and then we hang the clothes to dry. It is pretty easy, except for today. I needed to do laundry and when I started to hang up the clothes it started to rain. It has been really rainy and hot this past week. Tell Mrs. Alder, Miss Johnson, and Mrs. Warby I say hi. Hey I will probably be using my debit card to buy some stuff for Christmas so keep an eye on my account.

Jani, I remembered my camera this week and I am sending pictures. Hey the mission tour was really good. Elder Godoy came and spoke. I could understand quite a bit. He talked a lot about what would help our teaching and talked about our biggest key is the Book of Mormon. It was really cool. Hey my mission president is way cool. He reminds me a lot of dad. Before the conference I talked with Sister Viera.

I am so glad that I am here. I wish you guys could be here and experience what I am. Hey it sounds like you guys have a lot going this week. Hey Matt thanks for the update on the Jazz. Hey it is good to hear that you are loving your mission keep me posted. Juli hope you have a good week, I am trying to send you a birthday present in the Christmas stuff. I hope you guys have a good week. I love you guys and thanks for all of your prayers. Well take care and I hope that the weather warms up for you guys. Well have a good one.

Elder Shelley

Hey mom,
I have not yet received the package yet. Yeah I think he is going to hate to shovel. Hey it is good you are doing well. I hope you have a good day even if it’s snowing. Well have a good one. Oh one of the Brazilians said that I looked like the kid from Home Alone. I guess it runs in the family. LOL. Hey when I get a recipe for food I will send it in an email. Hey that is cool the girls went to Christmas Around the World. Hey Jani’s grade is really hurting NOT, 107 that is cool.
Elder Shelley

Hey I found out a little more about phone call for Christmas. I will probably go to a members home or church-(this depending on bishop). I will call you guys, and tell you what number to call-the # for Brasil and for the phone. It is going to work out great. Well have a great day even if it is cold, hey it has been colder here too, it has been raining a lot lately. Well have a great week and I love you guys so much.

Elder Shelley