Monday, August 2, 2010


Hey everyone,
Well this week was really good. My comp is getting better. We are able to work more, which is good. Well we taught a really good lesson about the Restoration yesterday. It is a 16 year old kid which is a friend of a member. I love it when we get references, it is like the best thing ever. Well things are just going good. It is really hot, I don’t understand it is supposed to be winter down here but it is in the 90´s everyday. Well we are preping some people to get married or at least think about getting married soon. Well that is about it that has happened this week. I miss the cheap fruit back in the states. Tell Jani that peaches down here are about $10-13 a kilo(2 pounds) and canned are even more. I just really miss eating healthy, that is one thing that is hard for me right now. But things are going well. Yep, I am glad that Juli is taking care of Sid. They have Parakeets down here and every time I see one that looks like Sid I really miss him, but it is good though. Thanks for everything that you do for me. Well tell Ava and Parker I say hi. Well tell Matt that rejection is all part of the work. I get so many people that aren’t home or they give an excuse to get rid of us. Like this week everyday our appointments fell. We were able to teach 1 person each day. Oh well that is just part of the work. Well it is good that the teaching thing went well for them. Thanks for everything that you do for me. Love you guys.
Elder Shelley

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