Monday, November 30, 2009

Eu Ti Ama

Sent: Mon, Nov 30, 2009 10:08 AM

Hey Fam,
This week was pretty good. We committed a guy to being baptized and he was good, until yesterday my comp went to get him, but our baptism said that his foot hurt from playing soccer and he said he wanted to do it another week. I think that it was an excuse and I can see how hard Satan works. Oh well maybe next week we will baptize him.

Hey I got the letter from Dave’s fam and tell Scott Eu ti ama (I love you). Hey I forgot to grab my camera so no pics this week. Hey to answer someone’s question about the food--it is really good. I love frango(Chicken). We eat at a member’s house every lunch. It is pretty good. I love it here the people are so nice. We slept over at the LZ´s House last night. We played chess and I am the champion. I creamed the people I played against.

Hey mom I will be probably sending some jerseys and hopefully a nativity set for Christmas. Hey don’t send jerky in packages I guess that it does not clear down here, another Elder’s package had to be sent back because of jerky. Hey Dad about calling here I am not sure yet but I will let you know when it gets closer and when I know.

Matt parabems(congrats) on your call. Hey thanks for all of the sports updates and GO BYU!!!!! Jani and Juli it was good to hear that your piano recital went well, I wish I could have been there.

Hey guess what I forgot it was Thanksgiving until one of the Elders told me. We cooked pasta and worked and chilled. It was so much fun. I can’t wait until Christmas and I get to talk with you guys. Hey mom we do have an oven, no microwave. Hey the apartments are pretty nice. Thanks for keeping me updated and hopefully soon I will send you guys a package. Oh I have not yet received the greenie package yet but I think I will this week because we have Mission Tour. Hey I am loving it here, by the way it rains pretty good down here. Well thanks for all the letters and prayers. Keep praying. Hey the language is starting to come, I can understand some parts for a conversation.

Elder Shelley

Hey guys,
Hey I am loving it here. It is the best. Hey that is cool that you were able to play outside. It is so stinken hot here, but I would rather take the hot than the cold. Hey guess what I got a letter from Aaron, it was when he was in the MTC em Provo. How is he doing in the campo (field)? Hey the language is coming. I am loving the field. I can’t believe I am on my 3rd semana (week). Time is passing by so fast. Hey I totally forgot about Thanksgiving. We cooked some pasta, rice, had pizza and just chilled. It was a lot of fun. Hey I bet it was weird not having grandpa and me there.

I love sharing the Gospel with the people here. This last week we had a conference with all the wards-like a stake conference and Presidente Viera spoke and I could understand quite a bit of his talk. It is too bad our baptism fell through. But the other missionaries in our zone theirs fell through too. We(Zone)were supposed to have 7 this week and ended up having 2-Elder Knowles and ELder Barbosa. Oh well. Well have a good one and hopefully work will go better for you dad this week. Mom hope you have a good week too, and tell the guys hi. I am trying to send you guys a package and Juli a B-Day Present. Hopefully. Well thanks for all of your prayers. Keep praying because I need all the help I can get.

Hey tell the Cleggs that I will include them in my prayers and that I am thinking about them. Tell Parker, Ava, Bro and Sis Clegg hi. Thanks for the update on their family. Hey if you see Austin tell him his buddy says hi. Hey could you send me the address for Mike and Catherine, Brian, Janice, Dave and Natalie- I will probably want to write them sometime. Well take care and tell Matt, Jani and Juli hi, and Sid too. I miss you guys so much. I will let you guys know when the package come, hey how big is it? Well have a good one.
Eu te amo.

Elder Shelley

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