Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 8 at the CTM

Sent: Wed, Nov 11, 2009 09:31 AM
This week was one of the best. On Friday we went proselyting to the Heart of São Paulo. It was really cool. The first guy we met showed interest in the Book of Mormon. We bore our testimonies and he wanted the book. We gave him the book and he started to read it right there. Then we went to contact other people and the guy was still reading it. We guessed that he was reading it for an hour and a half. It was cool that someone accepted what we were teaching.

The other experience that I had was when we contacted another guy in his early 20's. We started and shared a scripture in the Bible about lost sheep in Matthew. He started to tear up. We thought he had dirt in his eye because it was a little windy. Then when we bore testimony he really let down a rain storm. It was so cool the power of testimony. I gained a testimony on how strong testimonies really are.

Ok my final story. It was toward the end of the time, well we were walking and some guys stopped us and wanted to hear our message. Well we started and Elder Huxford started reading from the Bible and one of the guys came up and started sharing other scriptures-don´t worry they were not bad. Then there was one guy that asked me about the Book of Mormon. I could share my testimony and tons of stuff about the Book of Mormon. I was not scared or nervous. Words came into my mind and I spoke very clear. I gained a testimony on D&C 100:6. I know that the Lord was helping me that day.

Hey maybe in the next package you guys send maybe put a couple packs of the scripture crayons. Hey I did get a package of cookies the other day from Bro. T´s sister. It was very good, she is an awesome lady.

Hey I have a couple questions
First what time is it? I want to know the time difference because of Daylight savings time.

Hey could you send me an email about our family pedigree chart. I need to bring it tomorrow for class and I need the information.

Dad I have a quick question do you remember what my suit cases weighed before I left. The reason is I think I have a weight limit of 50 pounds per suit case.

I just had ice cream with my teachers it was really good, they had a sweeten condensed milk one that was very good. I went to the temple again for the last time. It was cool I was with Elder David, he was the first Brazilian in my room.

Well I hope everything is going well back at home. Hey write on at tag for the balloon thing for Grandpa that I love him and will always remember the good times we had.

Elder Shelley

Hey Juli
The Banana pizza is really good, it taste like chocolate and bananas. Hey good to see you are doing very well. Take care.

Jani that is good you did your talk. Well I hope that school is less stressful. Well take care.

Matt thanks for all of the sports updates and hey that is way cool that you received the Melchizedek priesthood. Hey that is cool about your mission, keep me updated on how well you do.

Mom and Dad thanks for all that you do for me. I can´t believe that I will be going into the field next week I think on Tuesday. Well that is good that the funeral went well. Well take care and keep me posted on new news. I love all of you guys very much.

Hey I forgot to tell you that last night they had a black out. It was cool to see the lights flicker. I don´t know if it happened to you but it was way cool. Oh yeah and yesterday during the fireside my district sang the prelude music, we sang I Feel My Savior’s Love, Abide with Me tis Even Tide, and I Know My Redeemer Lives. We did a great job.

Hey thanks for the info. Hey in a next letter could you print out a copy of a pedigree chart and send it, so I can have it. I hope that won´t be hard for you. Thanks again for the info. I am so glad for email and how fast I can get info. Have a good day.

Elder Shelley

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