Thursday, November 5, 2009

Week 7 at the CTM

Sent: Wed, Nov 04, 2009 08:05 AM
Hey Family,

This week has been a great week. I went to the Temple again. I can´t believe I only have one more time. I had a really cool experience in the Temple today. I loved the spirit that was there, but I especially loved being able to feel Grandpa´s spirit there. I could tell that Grandpa was with me as I did the session and also when I was in the
Celestial Room. It was the best feeling ever.

It is too bad that Grandpa passed away. I am really going to miss him a whole bunch, but I know that we will see him again. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have about the Gospel. I am glad that I know that there is life after death and that we can see our loved ones. These past couple weeks, I have more fully understood the Plan of Happiness since I have been here. I understood it before I got here but it has touched me more these past few weeks.

Hey I wish I could make it to the funeral, but tell everyone that I love them. Thanks for letting me know. Yes it will be okay for you to send me Obituary I would definitely like to read it.

Thanks for all of your prayers for me.

Elder Shelley

Thanks for calling the CTM this week to let me know about Grandpa, I actually was hoping you would call and let me know. I am glad that I know what I do about the Gospel and that I will be able to see Grandpa again. Thanks for all that you do for me and for all of you prayers because I need them so much. I still can´t believe that I have less than 2 weeks left. It is crazy how fast time is flying by. Well I hope everything goes well at the Funeral and know that I love you guys so much. Hey and by the way every time I hear a bird tweet I am reminded of Sid, I hope he is doing well. Well anyways have a good week.

Hey everything is going very well. Hey this last week Elder Ellis of the 70 came and spoke he did a very good job. He talked about helping build up the kingdom and how you can get the trust of members and many more topics, after I talked with him and he served a little time in my mission. I thought that was cool.

Well I hope everything is going well at home. I can´t believe that I have 2 weeks left mais um-one more P-Day. Well take care and I hope the funeral goes well and tell the Fam that I love them and miss them a whole bunch.

Thanks for all that you do for me I miss you and I especially miss your food, not to be rude but the food here is terrible, but at least we get fed. Well have a good day and hopefully everything will got better and the funeral will be good. I love you so much. Thanks again keep emailing me as much as you want.

Elder Shelley

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