Monday, August 1, 2011

This week was really good as far as the work goes. This week was a little hard with my comp. He has different ideas on the work and it was hard. We argued a little, but things will go better. He told me that I was a man of little faith and that I did not love the people. That really hurt me because he does not even know me. I need your prayers I am trying my hardest to be kind and patient with him so we can have the spirit with us because as the scriptures say if you don’t have the spirit you can’t teach. He teaches in a weird way that I am not liking. He has a different mind set and tries to twist my words around to make everything thing I say bad or negative. I found out that he and his last comp fought quite a bit and that is why he got transferred. Well keep praying for us. We had a lot of new people to teach. No the family fell, they had something going this weekend so they weren’t baptized, but an investigator that we were working on for a long time yesterday said she wants to be baptized next Sunday and wants me to baptize her. I am so excited. I can see the many blessing of working hard, when you work hard the Lord really blesses you. We also have marked for some other people to get baptized this next Sunday: Geovanni, Carol, Bia, Vagner, Maisa, and Leiticia. Please pray for them that they can get baptized and keep their commitments. Thanks mom for everything. I know that everything will work out. I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!! The work is really going here in Lins. Mom I will really miss the people but I will have a way to keep in contact with them. Thanks for everything. Can you send me a cookie recipe, I can’t find mine because some members wants me to make them. I love you and thanks for everything.

That is good to hear that Trek went well. Well I will keep Jani in my prayers. Have a good week. I love you and thanks for everything.
Um grande abraço de seu filho!!!
Elder Shelley

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