Monday, August 22, 2011

Well this week is doing better. That is good about Matt and ATEC. Mom I still don’t know what I want to do when I get home. Well this week was a little better. Things really changed. He still goes off on subjects so it makes the lessons longer but I am trying to really help him. Well we don’t fight anymore so that is really good. We should have a few baptisms this next week. I bought everyone jerseys, from different teams I am sending them in a package. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by. 2 WEEKS WOW!!!! We are finding many new people to teach. We have a few baptisms set for some young men. I am so excited. I finished Jesus the Christ. Mom, that is a really good book. Thanks for all the prayers. They sure have helped a lot. This week has been a little cold and I got sick for a few days, but I am doing good now. Have a good week. Jani is working where? Thanks for everything that you do.
Elder Shelley

Yep things are going good. Elder Vitor really wants to marry Jani. I think it is funny. Well how has your day been? Mine has been okay. This morning our shower burned, so had to shower with cold water. Then I went to buy some CDs and jerseys for you guys. Then we can home and had lunch, I finished Jesus the Christ and then I slept and woke up kind of late. Now I am here. Nothing really cool. Well that is good that Juli survived 7th grade. Mom that is one thing that I miss is a good American Pizza.

Well Vitor is a funny kid. I really like him a lot. What is your plan for the week? Well the bishop just called and said that tomorrow there is a person wanting to take the lessons in another city so we are going to go. Other than that tomorrow, district meeting and finding new people to teach. Well boring and exciting for us too. Well sorry have to go. Have a good week. Tell Jani good luck.
Elder Shelley

Well I am so excited but sad at the same time. I will really miss this "life" that I am in. There are some people that are really sad that I will be leaving. Well my comp asked if there was any way that I can return to the mission in less than 2 years because he wants to see me again. Dad we are doing a whole lot better. Do you know what my talk will be on? Well I am really going to work hard these next two weeks that I have left. Well have a good week and I will do the same. Thanks
Elder Shelley

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