Monday, August 15, 2011

It is crazy at how fast time is flying by. Well things are going a little better. I have just decided to not let things bug me because when I let things bug me we lose the spirit and it is hard to teach. Well no baptism this week all of them fell, but we have many possibles for this next week. We found some good people to teach this week. I got really trunky yesterday. For lunch we had a barbeque and there were many people it reminded me of the family parties we had on holidays. Yesterday was Father's Day here. Matt, I can’t wait to play basketball with you when I get home. I have sure missed that since we don’t do much for p-day. I have had a hard time finding cool things to send home for gifts. I am thinking about sending home jerseys of the different teams. Sorry there just is not many cool things. Well it will be very nice to be home and relax. These last few months have been really stressful for me. I am super excited to come home. Well it sounds like you are doing really good. I think the sweeper job is good for Jani, not stressful and easy good pay too. That's funny because I read my patriarchal blessing a just couple days ago. Mom I am really excited to see what happens and what callings I will receive and things I'll do in the future. Mom I love reading that blessing. I have really seen some blessings come true. Mom, have a good week. I am excited to see the downstairs when I come home. I love you.
Elder Shelley

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