Monday, November 29, 2010

King of the Chocolate Bar!

Tell Grandpa and Grandma thanks. Well this week was okay. Hey I received a letter from Cade and it talks about Flat Stanley. I have no clue what to do, if you have any suggestions that would be great. We cleaned the church this last week. That was fun. I had the job to fill some buckets full of water. Well I decided to play a joke on my comp. Well I had an empty bucket and my comp was cleaning the bathroom. I decided to run in and act like I was going to dump it on him. It made him jump really big, it was funny.

I am really hoping that we can get people to teach here in Santa Felicia. Please could you include that in your prayers that we can find people in our area. I did not have to teach in Sacrament Meeting. Well we are teaching a family in Ibaté. The mom and son are not members. The Daughter and daughter-in-law are less active and the brother is a returned missionary from this mission.

Well that is good that you had a good time at Mike’s. Well nothing really new this week. Oh Friday they had a Church Activity. Only 11 people showed up. They had a question answer thing which was fun. Then they had a game that had to do with chocolate. You have 4 people in a circle and each has a knife and fork and there is a chocolate bar in the middle. Well you roll a die and you pick a number if the die lands on that number you go and open the chocolate bar and start eating. Then everyone else rolls the die and if it lands on that number then the other person eats. Well guess who won, ME!!!!!!!!!! It was a good activity.

WOW everyone is having a baby soon. It is like having a baby boom. Tell them congrats. I will probably be here for Christmas. The next transfer is the 3rd of January. I don’t know because I received an email that shows how much money we have in the account for the church and I have like 130 Reis and I don’t know why. Well things are going here. It is really hot, but good. I am still not sure when I want to come home. Well have a good one. I am not sure about sending you guys presents because there really is nothing and things are really expensive. I hope that that is okay. Well if you need anything just let me know.
Elder Shelley

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