Tuesday, November 16, 2010

14 Months!!

November 15, 2010
Well how are you doing? My week was really slow, we did not get much done. Did you ever have those types of weeks? Well my week was okay. I am excited that it is the last week before transfers. I kind of hope that I stay but we will see. Well I hope that work is doing good. Thanks for all that you do for me. Oh I shared the cinnamon Devils with my comp and it about killed him. He thought it was really spicy, it made me laugh. Well I hope you have a good week. Wednesday we will have Zone Conference. Well have a good one and if you need any thing just let me know.
Elder Shelley

Well I hope you guys can get stuff worked out for Matt. I really don’t see anything good with ATEC of whereever he is now. Well I will remember this in my prayers. Yes I agree that Jani should not drive during these snowy times. The students there do not know how to drive. I have almost got hit many times. I think it will be safer for her and plus the bus is not bad either. That is too bad about Juli and the contest, that is funny that she spent so much time on the painting and so little on the poem and she won for the poem. That is funny about Spencer wanting a football. Well that is cool for Jan and Scott. Tell them congrats. That will be awesome for Cami to be done in February. I will definitely remember her in my prayers. Oh yesterday we had the Primary Program here in our Ward. It was funny because the Primary President is the bishop’s wife and she asked me and my comp to sing with them the song I hope they call me on a mission. Well they ran out of time so we did not have to sing. The funny part was there was a girl that did a solo and the president pushed the microphone down but the girl pushed it out of the way, it was really funny. Well I am excited that this is the last week of this transfer. I hope that I stay but I think I will be transferred. Well we will find out. I just hope I get a good comp that will want to work and not be a slacker. Well tomorrow I hit 1 year and 2 months. I can’t wait to get home and share all my experiences that I am having. Well I hope that things go well for you this week. I love you and thanks for all that you do for me.

Hey I forgot to tell you guys that I almost had to give a talk yesterday. We showed up in Ibaté and the ward that was supposed to be there was not there. Well my comp said to prepare a talk because we are going to have a meeting anyways. So I prepared a talk with scriptures about the Atonement. Well before it started our Ward Mission Leader came over to us and asked if my comp would be able speak for a few minutes, I was glad that he did not pick me.

Here we are working with the ward list of member active and less active. It is going okay, but not great. Well we went on a division with some young men in the ward and found a few people to teach here in Santa Felicia. Well keep praying that this area will be able to find people to teach and be willing to accept our message. We are trying our hardest but things just keep falling and my comp also likes to waste time at members houses, this bugs me and I have talked with him about it. I love visiting the members, but they don’t care about our time and I just hate wasting time. I am here to share the Gospel not to sit on my butt and do nothing. Well that is just the culture here, not to be rude but that is true.

Well I am so grateful that you guys have taught me to work hard and do my best. It is funny because I was talking with Elder Rich ( He the other LD) yesterday and he said that the Brazilians like Americans because we know how to work. I am just so grateful for everything that you guys have taught me. I know that I was a pain about doing work, but now I realize the blessings about work.

Oh I was also talking with Elder Rich yesterday and he was talking about a family business they have. It is down at Jacobs Lake. He told me that I would love to work there. So I am wondering if you guys have time to research more about this place. If you could that would be great. He said that it would be fun and that I would love it there. He said it pays pretty good too.

Well thanks for everything that you both have done for me. I love being a missionary. I have mixed feelings right now. I want to mission to fly by so I can come home and tell all about my adventures and experiences. And at the same time I don’t want it to fly by because I just love being a missionary and sharing my testimony with everyone about the True Gospel on the Face of the Earth. My testimony about everything has grown tremendously since I have been here for a Year and 2 months. I still can’t believe that I only have like 10 months left. Well have a good week and be safe. If you need anything just let me know. Hey thanks for the packages, I love the candy. Thanks for everything. Um grande abraço, amo voces muito.

Oh, I think that I will be coming home the first part of September, like the 7th. President said that we can come home early but it is for school. I have to let him know 5 months before I go home. I am not positive yet. When do I have to let you know? What would you guys think? I was thinking about coming home and work a little to get money and spend some time with you guys. If I did decide to go home early it would be like the 27 of Julyish. Well just let me know what you guys think. Love you and have a good day. AND PARTY ON DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Shelley

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