Monday, December 6, 2010

Can you send snow to Brazil?! It is HOT here!!

Well can I tell you that I really want snow?! I am so sick of the heat. That is cool that everyone enjoyed the Nativity thing and it is good that Matt had a good time with Jess. I hope that things will go well with Juli. I really feel bad that I am not sending a present for her, but there is nothing really cool to buy. Well I will just make it up when I get back. I am sure grateful for the packages you guys send. I really love the candy. Well the 21 we will have a conference with the whole mission. I am really excited. Things are going okay. This week we had a few days that we wasted some time because the slacker elder wanted to do some stuff. Well I sat my comp down after and talked with him. It was good I just hope that we can just be able to teach people.

Well last night a cat went through our garbage and spread it everywhere. Well to make it worse it rained. I wanted to skin it. Oh well. Saturday we will be doing an activity that each member will bring the address and name of a friend. Then they will trade with someone else. Then they will make a visit and leave a Book of Mormon with them. They will also set up another appointment for the friend to come back with the missionaries. I really hope that it works. I will remember Jani in my prayers. Well it sounds like you guys are doing good. Well in 12 days I will be 20 and 1/2 and Juli will be 12, wow I still remember when I was 12. If you need anything just let me know. I don’t think I am sending a package this time for you guys, sorry I feel bad, but there is nothing here that is cool. Well have a good week, I love you and hope things go well.
Elder Shelley

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