Monday, November 22, 2010

Still in Sao Carlos

Well I am still here in Sao Carlos and I am still with Menezes. I am not really excited, but what can you do? Well this week I have been with another missionary because his comp really hates him and so he called president and asked for a division. It is okay but now that Elder hates me too. The reason is that the assistants called and asked if this Elder had a cell phone chip. I told them the honest truth and said yes he did, and thus this one elder hates me too. It is really going to be an interesting transfer. Well, we will just see how things play out.

Well Thursday me and Elder Rich had a really good day. Well, we did not really have anything planned out so we just walked and made contacts. Well he made a contact with this older lady. We found out that her brother died and she thought that God was punishing her because her brother died. He taught a few quick lessons. And here is the cool part, well then towards the end this guy on a motor scooter asked if we teach the word and I said yes we do. Well he said his mother in law has cancer and he wanted us to teach her. So we went right to this place. Well I forgot to ask the guys name and so this guy answered the door and we told him that his son in law said for us to come here, well it was a little awkward. Then they let us come in. Well my comp Elder Rich asked if we could give her a blessing. Well I have the blessing. Then we asked if we could share our message. They said yes. Well there were 3 people when we started and then at the end we had 9 people just listening to us. It was really good. The spirit was so strong and it was just what both of us needed.

That is about what is new and cool. Well thanks for the info about college. I will pray and still find out what to do about school. Well things are still going here. I really hope that this will go well. Well have a good week and Happy THANKSGIVING. Well there is an Elder that is coming that I am really good friends with him, so I am excited. I know that this transfer will be a struggle but it will work out. I love you and thanks for all that you do for me. As for Trek I don’t know what I would do if I were you. I can see your concern with the kids and leaving them home. I would just consider praying again and ask for a specific thing. I will pray for you guys too. Well I hope that the IEP for Matt goes well. Well have a good week.

Elder Shelley

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