Monday, May 3, 2010

Soccer--You gotta love it!

Hey guys,
This week was pretty good. We will have a baptism next week. Guys what we had a ward party today. It was so much fun. They had different games and activities. I am actually starting to like playing soccer. As you guys know that before the mish I thought soccer was a girl sport, but now after playing with some of the young men I LOVE IT. Well guess what our investigator John he came to the activity and had a great time. That was really cool. We are still working with him. After I am done emailing I am going to play more soccer with the young men.

Hey mom in a future package can you send me a new pair of basketball shorts. Hey guess what yesterday I almost got ran over by a truck. We were crossing a cross walk when this truck instead of going behind us he turned right in front of me. Well he stopped and cussed in Portuguese and drove off. Well after that my heart was pounding. I am doing good now.

Well things are going great here. The reason they don’t have 4 missionaries here in Bebedouro because we don’t have as many missionaries. It is okay, we are having to run all over the place. Well Sunday is the MOTHERS DAY CALL. I am so excited. I will call you guys on Friday and give you the info like I did last time.

Well take care and GO JAZZ CREAM THE LAKERS. Love you guys have a good week and talk to you on Friday.
Elder Shelley

Hey Mom,
I have one shoe that is really close to making a hole in the sole. The other pair I think will last a month. But that will be great to have you guys send me some new. I was thinking about that this week. I talked with Laxton and he says that the shoes last maybe 3 months and it is about 50 dollars. Well I will be grateful to get them. Guess what I get to give another talk in church. On the 16th about Called to Serve. I hope that it will go good. Well that is crazy about Sandro. WOW. Tell him congrats and that I say hi. Tell Randy and Chinzia that I say hi. Well hope you get all the things done that you can. Well I love you. Well have a good week. Tell everyone I say hi and I miss you guys so much and play hard. A great big hug.

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