Monday, May 31, 2010

Everyone in our District baptized this week!!!

Dear Mom,

Conference was awesome. President did a training about not procrasinating and always look at what you can do better. It was just like a regular conference. Well things are going great, we had a baptism yesterday. Luiz baptized his sister Jessica. It was really good it reminded me of when I baptized Juli 3 years ago. Well the members are starting to work more with the missionaries, so that is really good. Things here are starting to get colder, which I like. We are teaching a few people right now. Well things are going good. Well have a good first week of Summer, and party hard. Oh and Mom had a Happy Birthday on Thursday. I love you a whole bunch.

Hey Fam,
Well we had a baptism this week. Remember Luiz that we baptized two weeks ago well he got to baptize his sister Jessica. It went very well. Guess what everyone in our District baptized this week. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Hey guess what yesterday when me and my comp went to get investigators to go to church we were walking by a tree and we saw a tucan. It was very beautiful, it had a yellow, orange and red beak. It was really cool, I wish I had my camera to take a pic, oh well.

Well on Wednesday I made a contact with this guy in a Square and it went well. He said that he has been to church once in Ribeirão. We asked him if he has read the Book of Mormon, he said no. So we taught him a little about that and he are going to visit him this week.

Well we have another investagator João. He is about 50 years old. He has been to church 5 times, is reading to BoM, he is keeping his commitments, but he won´t be baptized. He says that he is too old and to wait a little more time. Well I hope we can baptized him.

Well we had zone conference. It was really good. Me and Elder Laxton even did a practice infront of everyone. That is cool to do that with Laxton. Oh he said that during the summer he is going to visit you guys. I thought that was really cool. Well I know that I will not be with Elder Almeida next transfer. President sent him an email last week that said we won´t be comps. Well Saturday I will know if I will stay or go.

Hey I did not bring my camera this week. Sorry I remembered when I sat down. I will send a pic of my new hair do and our baptisms. Well I hope everything goes well this week. I love you guys and thanks for all that you do. Well HAVE AN AWESOME FIRST WEEK OF SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! Tell me what you guys have planned!!!
Love you tons.

Elder Shelley

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