Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey Minha familia

Greg has a new email address. If you need it, just contact his parents.

Sent: Mon, Feb 22, 2010 06:24 AM

Hey guys,

Sounds like you guys had a good week. Well we would of had a baptism yesterday, but she did not want to go to church. Oh well that is what happens sometimes. Well this week was okay. I have to tell you guys a funny story. Well Friday night about 8 PM we were walking and some kids stopped us. They said something in English. I asked them if they spoke English. They said no. Well then they wanted me to speak in English. So I did. They did not believe me. Me and my comp said I am from the US and I speak English. Well the kids wanted me to speak Portuguese. So I put out a little. They said that I was lying that I spoke English. I thought that was a funny story.

Hey I have an idea for birthday presents. It will cost a little bit but I know you guys will like it. I need to take some money out. How much do I have in my account? It is a plaque with your name. I hope it will be okay. Also I found something else a cow horn thing. It is pretty cool. The reason I am taking out money is so I don’t have to use my debit card a lot. I hope you guys will understand. Hey don’t worry about sending me batteries. I remembered that I have a battery charger in my bag. Hey I think I will be going home in Sept not Aug. Just letting you know for future plans. They usually send you home a week before 2 years.

Well congrats on the b-ball game Jani and Mom. Sounds like Laurels camp was good. Sounds like everyone is doing well at home. Hey please send me a list of movies because Elder Beagles is going home in 3 weeks and wants to know.

Hey this is for you dad. I was walking and I saw 4 people in biking spandex, it reminded me of you guys.

Well Happy B-day dad on Friday, wow 45. Thanks for telling me because I totally forgot how old you were. Hey I have an idea for your b-day present.
Well have a good one. Take care of yourselves. Love you always.

Elder Shelley

Hey mom,
Things are going real well. The language is starting to come real quick. Hey I can’t believe that it is almost the end of Feb. It is so crazy at how time is flying by. Hey it is nice to be able to write you guys in the beginning of the day and still have time to do stuff, and have you guys reply back. Well hopefully this week will be better and we will hopefully get a baptism this week. Well life is going real good. Things are getting better between me and my comp. Well hope everything is going well with you guys. Hey no package yet, I am hoping for Friday. Well this is week three, we have interviews with President on Friday. Well take care. Thanks for all the updates.

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