Monday, February 8, 2010

Still in Santana....

Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 13:04:17

Hey Fam,
No I did not get transferred I am still here in Santana. I am still with my comp Elder Barros. Hey last week me and Elder Beagles were going to go bowling in the shopping (Mall), but we did not go bowling. He wanted to look at a suit real quick and get cologne. It took quite a bit of time. So sorry guys I don’t know how the bowling is. Well this week was pretty good.

Hey I had a baptism yesterday. We baptized a 14 year old boy named Matheus. It was really cool. Hey and I brought my camera. Hey this week I rode the city bus for the first time. It was horrible. Here is the story. Well early Friday morning we went to the LZ’s house because my comp needed to get a fisha signed and I wanted to get Elder Brown’s info because he was leaving. Well we stayed for a little bit. We had to leave to go to lunch, but my comp wanted to ride the city bus. Well we got to the place and had to wait for the bus it took 40 minutes. Then it finally came and we got on. Well it reminded me of Alaska. I was in the back and there were ''different people'' on. Well it took about another 15 minutes. I decided that we could of walked quicker than taking the bus. Well it was good.

Hey yesterday I was walking and I saw a dog that looked like ALF. The head, because the face. It was really funny. Hey what movies came out before I left and recently, because Elder Beagles is dieing this transfer, he is going home and was asking me but I could not remember.

That is way cool that you guys got to go to a Flash game. Way to go Matt, was she cute? Hey tell Dave and Justin, and Fam I say hi. That is too bad about the Colts. The Saints spanked the pants off of the Colts. Well it is good that you guys are doing well. Hey Matt I had kind of a crappy week too for my mission. Well it is good that you are liking your mission. Well take care and have a good week. YES I BROUGHT MY CAMERA.

Elder Shelley

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