Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Poo!

Sent: Mon, Feb 15, 2010 06:11 AM
Hey guys,
Hey sounds like you guys had a good week. Hey I did buy chicken cordon bleu, but it is not as good as I thought. It was good but not that good. We will have a have it when I get back.

Hey tomorrow will be 5 months here in Brazil. It is crazy. Time is flying by. Hey on Saturday I had a division with Boa Vista, I went with Elder Samuel(American) to Santana. It was fun, Elder Samuel has only one month in Brazil, but I was able to help him. It is nice to be able to understand and talk with the people. Well anyways on our way back to end the division I was walking and I felt something hit my back, yep you guessed it Bird Poo. Well it hit my back right shoulder. Well the bird ate a lot of red something, it left a red stain, but I remembered that I had the Shout, and the stain came right out, Thanks mom. Well that is the funny story this week. Oh I looked up what my comps name means in English. It means mud. Well the first thought was from Garfield. The part when Jon says yep my name is mud. It made me laugh. Well I hope it makes you guys laugh too. Hey last week I was walking by a place and it smelled like when you walk into Pirates, I am really missing Disneyland and just hanging with you guys.

Hey Jani you can give the site to Mr. Beeson so he can keep an eye on how I am doing. I can’t remember if I gave it to him, and Garlick also. If it is not too hard.

Hey this last week I learned a lot about promptings. Well one day it was a little cloudy. I heard a voice say get your umbrella. I did not think much of it. Well it happened the second time, and I still did not listen to it. Well we left our house and started walking and we were a little ways away when it started to rain. Well our clothes were wet, and after that I learned listen to the promptings.

Hey I don’t know about the Jersey, because I will probably be transferred in 5-6 weeks 22 of March. I am thinking about getting the address of the member that wants it and send it too him when I get home. What do you think? I have been getting the letters but not the package, I will either tomorrow because LZ’s have a meeting or 26 when we have Interviews. Hey is the new mission president this year or 2011?

That is cool about the Olympics. Where is it at? Well I will keep Tiffany? in my prayers and her family. Thanks for telling me. Hey could you send some batteries AA in a package sometime. The reason I ask is because I only have 8 left. My comp took some pics of an Elder when we had the conference, and he asks every ward member here if they know him, well not only do I show them the pic well the members go through all my photos. I don’t like it because one the batteries die quick and two I don’t like people going through my photos. What should I do? I don’t want to be rude but it is really annoying me a whole bunch. Well hope you guys have a good week. Things are going better. Keep praying for me. Hey and if you know any good movies that have come out let me know, because another Elder is leaving this ransfer and wants to know. Well take care. Hey I will probably have a new email address. I will find out next week and let you guys now.

The reason is because google and LDS church signed an agreement, so we will probably get new addresses. So when I get it I will let you guys know about it. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Hey Matt you did not tell me that the All-Star game was this last week. Hey it sounds like D-Will did pretty good even thought the East Won. Well have a good one. Love you guys. Have a good day and break from school.

Elder Shelley

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