Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 5 at the CTM

Hey Everyone,
Hope everything is going well? Today I went to the Temple and it was an awesome experience. I am so excited for Elder Scott to come on Friday. Thanks for all of your prayers and support. Take care.
Elder Shelley

Hey Fam,
This week has been great. Today I went to the Temple. It was an awesome experience. This past week Elder Godoy from the Seventy came and spoke to us about being careful of the little things. He has been my favorite speaker yet, because he threw out jokes during the talk. He did a great job.

Guess what? Elder Scott is coming on Friday to the CTM. I am so excited. I also have some bad news, we are not proselytizing this Friday because he is coming, but hey you only meet an Apostle once in your lifetime.

How was Disneyland? Hey keep me posted and I hope the Angels win. I hope everyone is doing well. Hey Matt and Juli get better. I know how it feels to be sick, it is not fun getting sick down here. I just love P-Day because I can get out of the CTM and I get to go to the Temple. Hey I got to tell you something cool. The Brasilians that were on our floor that left a week ago we saw them at the Temple. they were so excited to see us, it was way cool.

That is cool that the kid at the store realized that you were different. That is cool that he wants to save his money and raise his family in Utah. Way to be the good examples and letting your light shine to him. Well I hope everything is going well. Thanks for keeping me posted with grandpa and other news. Hope you guys have a good week and get better.
Elder Shelley

Question for Matt:
Hey who are the Angels playing? And who are the other teams in the playoffs? It sounds like the Saints--football are undefeated. Matt keep me posted on the NFL scores too. Hey has the Jazz opened their season yet or is it soon? Well I hope you are doing well. Keep working hard at the Bishop's Storehouse.
Elder Shelley

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