Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!!!

This week was a little slow. Not very many people to teach. Mom one of our investigators fell on us. Aurea(the old lady) she said that she wanted to stop taking the lessons and going to church and really think what she wants. She is going through some tough times and says it is the best. We just really shared the importance of going to church and just shared our testimony. Mom I really have grown to love this woman. Mom it is sad sometimes when they stop. Mom I almost cried because I had really grown to love this lady and seeing her progress. Oh well, we gave her our number and said to have her call when ever she wanted. Well we found some new people. My testimony on prayer was strengthened yesterday. Well all of our appointments were falling and we had to knock doors. Well no one wanted to listen to us. It was about 6:30 at night and we were knocking and I said a prayer to have Heavenly Father guide us to a family because we needed a few more new people. I knocked this one door and this lady came out. She invited us in and we shared the message of the Restoration with her. We taught her sister and her nephew. It was really good. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I was just so glad to teach this new family. I just want to help many people get baptized and realize the blessings of the Gospel.

Josi is having a hard time with coffee. She is a really cool investigator we have taught her everything but she just is not progressing. We have her baptismal date set for Sunday. We are going back tonight and just really going to help her. Mom it really makes a difference when you go to help the people out of love. I am really going to miss all the friends that I have made here. Mom is Payson part of our mission back home? Because the Branch Presidents wife’s sister is serving in Payson right now just wondering.

The other day it was like 53 degrees and I was freezing. Well I will definitely freeze when I get home. Well I just thought it was funny. It is really cloudy and is like when we go to Disneyland. It is really nice outside. It is probably 60´s. People here put on like snow coats to go outside. That is crazy that it is really hot in Utah. Well we are going to go home and watch some church films because we can’t watch Disney unless our zone reaches its goal and we did not this week so. We are watching the Testaments and Together Forever. Not too much and later tonight--we are going to teach Josi. What about you guys? Will you do Fireworks this year? Well have you guys bought any fireworks? I get really trunky because there are 3 firework stores close to our house and I can’t buy any. Here you can buy fireworks whenever you want. They are really good ones and some really have power.

Well I will try my best with the souvenirs. I will try my best here. Well things are going okay. My comp still does not agree with some things of the mission. I have to really push him to work. Oh well what can you do. Well I am good. I have really been stressed out lately with investigators and our area. I have not slept very well these last few nights, but things are going good. Well things will go better. Have a good one and if you need anything just let me know and please pray for our investigators especially Bia, Josi and Leiticia that they can get baptized this week. Well have a good one. Have a good week and Fourth Of July. Tell Grandma G. I say Feliz Aniversario(Happy Birthday)
Elder Shelley

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