Monday, July 11, 2011

My week was a lot better. Well I had a pepperoni pizza on the fourth. I got really trunky because we had nothing to do and I remembered a lot of home all the barbeques, fireworks but that is okay now. Hey trunky moment-- 58 days until I will be home. This week was the best yet here. We did not baptize but we have a family that we are trying and preparing for this Sunday. That is really cool that you gave dinner to the missionaries. Well with Josi we marked for the 24th. Well I can see the blessing of having members work. When we have a member we find many good people to teach. It makes the work much easier. I had a pretty cool experience last night. We went with a member and his son. We taught everyone we had marked. I asked if they had a friend that we could visit. The member said the mom is annoying and the dad too. I asked if we could visit them. I really insisted on going there and I was persistent. Well we got to the house and the mom said sure you can leave a message. We found out that her husband is a less active member and that she almost baptized. The reason why not was because when they were going through a rough time and asked for a health blessing the members did not help them. So she was really hurt by that. The lesson was really good. We are going to baptize her and her son and reactivate the family. It was a testimony to me that the Lord is aware of his children and that sometimes we think the person may not receive the message well things change. It was good because I hope the member realized that sometimes we think people won’t receive the message well but it turned out to be a very good lesson and it was just really good. Tomorrow we have interviews with President. I am going to ask him if I can train. I really want to and being my last transfer, I hope it works out. Well this last week almost every night I had some part of my dreams in Portuguese. It was really funny. Wednesday my dream was almost all in Portuguese, there was just a small part that was in English.

Well I am doing well. This week was very good and my comp was a little more excited too. Mom one thing that I have learned is just do the will of the Lord. There have been times when I have tried to push and I have just learned let the Lord do what he wants. Mom I don’t know I want a new comp and I don’t at the same time. I will just keep praying and put this decision in the Lord’s hands because he knows best. One thing is that we had a zone fast this Saturday and Sunday and my comp did not want to do it. I asked him why he did not want to and he was just tired of what the ZLs have said and he does not like fasting. It was kind of sad, he just does not understand some things and I am trying to help him it is just hard. I have also thought about asking President to put me with Elder Heiner. He is another missionary that when we did divisions we did really good together. I might ask president for that too. Well we will see what happens. Well this week was just really good, it made my comp a little more excited. President has changed things again. We don’t have a knock doors or do contacts. He wants us to find 5 families- this includes people to go to church or accept baptism date. Well I will see what happens. This reminds me of a district meeting I had. The elder said that the mission is divided into 3 sections first part learning, 2nd putting those things into practice and the 3rd part miracles. I am seeing many miracles. Mom I am seeing many miracles everyday. Well it will be challenging but I can do hard things. I may just wait and see what the Lord wants about the comp. Well please just pray that everything will work out for the best. What are you guys going to do today? Well if you need anything just let me know. Thanks for everything,
Elder Shelley

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