Monday, July 18, 2011

It is so true. I remember a training that I had at a district meeting at the beginning of the mission. The elder said a mission is divided into three sections. First part is learning, second developing, and last miracles. Mom I am seeing miracles everyday. It is just a special thing. Mom I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. I talked about Missionary Work and a talk that President Hinckley gave call Missionary Work. I did really good until the end when I shared my testimony. I got really emotional. I told the ward that I have 2 months left and I am excited to go home and see my family, but I don’t want to leave the mission. Mom I told them that one of the special things about a mission is seeing the lives of people change as they gain a testimony. I love teaching people. I made many people cry, it was awesome, the spirit was just really strong, and I touched many members. It is true, I am so excited to see you guys, but I love the mission life. That is one thing I am really going to miss. Well I have a little bit of road left. We should have a family to baptize this Sunday. Please keep Vagner, Maisa, and Leiticia in your prayers that they can stop drinking coffee and that they can get baptized. Mom it was a reference from a member. The mom and dad were interviewed this last week. LD said that Vagner said he really liked the Priesthood part of church and said that when he talked about having the Priesthood to bless his family, Vagner got emotional. I am so grateful that our family has the Priesthood. I am so grateful that I hold that Power of God to bless not only our family but the lives of others. Mom I love being a missionary. That is cool about Nate Olson’s call, tell him congrats.

Mom this last week we had a ward activity and they had a mechanical bull, it was fun, too bad we could not ride the bull. My comp really wanted to and he tried to go and I told him we could not, he was really mad at me. I think we should have one for a ward activity or family party, what do you think? Thing are a little hard with my comp. He is really lazy and I have to drag him to places. He is cool but I am tired of his attitude. Well things are going okay with us. I am just praying that I get a new comp. He still is not agreeing with some things on the mission and it is really hard. Well things will work out, Grandma G sent me a letter that had a scripture in D&C 67:1-2. It was what I have been needing. It talks about how the Lord knows we are here and hears our prayers. Mom it was what I needed because lately I have felt alone with planning, with the work. I have not been sleeping very well because I have been preoccupied with the Work. I talked to the President for an interview this week. I will just do what is the Lord's will. I really love President Preito. Today, we played basketball since it is Menezes last P-day. I really need to practice. Well have a good week. I love you and thanks for everything, I know things will work out. Have a good week.
Elder Shelley

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