Monday, May 2, 2011

Transferred!!! Lins--Birigui

That is really cool about Matt getting the job. Well I got transferred to Lins it is a city just out of Birigui. I am still with Elder Peterson. I am really surprised that I am still with him and I got transferred. It is in the hot part of the mission. Well things will go good. Yes I know that times can be rough, heck a mission is not always easy. Well Menezes is in the same zone and I am really excited to see him again. I really like him. We will try and do a division or two. Well we did not baptize anyone this last transfer but we planted a lot of good seeds. There is a blind man that we were teaching Expedito, he will be baptized here in 2 weeks with his family. We also got someone that was falling away from the church come back and is strong. Well we may of not baptized but we sure saved someone from going away from the church. Mom I love being a missionary and sharing my testimony everyday to everyone. Yes a mission is hard but WORTH IT. I can’t believe that I only have a few months left that is so crazy. Well I am not sure about the mothers day call. I will probably call on Friday or Saturday to set the stuff up because it is a new area and we know no one. Well yes we are going to skype president said that he wants all the missionaries to use skype. I am so excited. No problem for the letter. I really hope it helps the Priest. Wow you did get a lot of snow. That is good about Matt. That is really exciting, you see the Lord really is looking out for Matt. I have really gained a strong testimony about relying on the Lord. He is definitely aware of all of our needs. I hope Jani does good on her tests. It sounds like she is ready for, summer me too, oh wait I am in summer, LOL. Well it sounds like Juli is doing good. I hope dad can be safe. Well have a good week and if you need anything just let me know. Thanks for everything. Oh this morning I heard that Osama Bid laden is dead. Well I love you and thanks for taking care of Sid tell him I say hi. Oh Luiz for Bebedouro just sent his paper yesterday so I am just waiting to hear where he goes. Love you.
Elder Shelley

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