Monday, May 30, 2011

Elder Godoy visits on Thursday!

Thanks mom,
Nothing really new here. Just another week. I sure hope that Jani can do the best for math. That is good that Dave is good and safe. Well that is too bad about their stake center. Today, we will play basketball and I don’t know what else. Well it was cold this morning too. It was like around 60ish and I got really cold. I know I will freeze when I come home. Well that should be good. Tell everyone I say hi. I love you and if you need anything just let me know. Oh there is a really rich member in Lins. My comp had his b-day and she said for us to pass by there and she gave us both presents, me this kit.spray deodorant, after shave stuff and some cologne. Well that was cool. Sorry not much time. I have only about 5 minutes left. Have a good week and day. Oh and Feliz Aniversario (Happy B-day) on the third. Well I really can’t wait to get a new comp. I really hope that I get a new one this next transfer. I love Elder Peterson but it is just really hard with him. It is just time for a change. Well I can’t believe that I only have 2 transfers left. Well this week Elder Godoy will speak on Thursday. I am really excited. Well there was a member that said that the Prophet and some of the 12 Apostles are going to visit every mission here in Brazil. I think that would be really cool to see the Prophet and meet more of the 12 Apostles. But this member, her husband was in Belem I think and said he saw the Prophet and some apostles so we will see. Well things will go better. I love you and if you need anything just let me know.
Elder Shelley

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