Monday, April 18, 2011

Interviews with President was really good. Well I don’t know what will happen with transfers but I know that the Lord is aware of my needs and will help me. I have just really prayed to gain patience. I am just wishing the best for my comp. He needs to go to a different zone, so he can be happy. Well things will all work out. That is good that you guys had a good time at St. George. Well that is really cool about the 24th on the 24th. Happy Anniversary. That is really cool. We have an investigator, Elio, he has a baptismal date set for Sunday and his interview Tuesday. Please keep him in your prayers that he can pass. We had a lady in the church yesterday. She really liked it a lot. Well I gave a talk yesterday also about Service. The bishop stopped us on Friday and asked if one of us could speak and I said yeah. Well I decided to speak. Well that is about what is going on here. We have Zone Conference on Wednesday. I am so excited. Transfers are May 2nd. Just keep praying for me and my comp that everything will work out and that President and the Assistants will be able to put me and my comp in the best places where the Lord wants us. For P-day, we are going to go home and sleep for a little bit and then play soccer at 2 at our church. That is about it. Well have a good one. If you need anything just let me know. I love you and I am just going to do my best. Jani, (HAPPY BIRHTDAY) FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!
Elder Shelley

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