Monday, March 7, 2011

I love the city here and I love the members...

Well this week was definitely better. Well I don’t have pics because it rained a whole bunch this last week about every morning and night. Well it is one of the smaller cities. It is very green as in trees and fields. I will try and take some photos this next week. There are about 70,000 people that live in the city. My comp has about 7 months on the mission. He is from Manti. He is ready to leave, it is hard to be in an area for a long time because it really is tiring with doing contacts and you know the problems with the ward and it is just not fun. Well this week was good because he actually taught people and really worked. Well Tuesday President and the Assistants came to Franca (Where we go and have district meeting, it is another city) and did a training about working more with men and families. That was really good it gave a little "gas" so that was really good. Well I love the city here and I love the members. They are really good.

Well please keep Paula and Giovanna in you prayers. Please especially pray that Giovanna will heal quick so that they can visit the church. They are really doing well, they are keeping their commitments and really progressing. They only problem is that Giovanna suffered a bike accident a while ago and can’t really move her legs. They went to Ribeirão last week but the docs have not okayed her yet so please pray for them.

Well things are going good. I am trying to keep Peterson excited and I think that is why we did so good this week we were focused on the important things. Well we watched Toy Story 3 last week. It was different than I expected but good. Andy reminded me of me and when you made me pack up my toys too. That was really funny. Well I hope that things will go well. If you need anything just let me know. Time is sure flying by. In 6 months I will be home, wow time sure flies by. Well that is good that everything went well at Parkers baptism and tell him congrats for me. Well have a good week and I will try and have the same. I love you and thanks for everything.

Matt, I hope that things are going good for your mission. That is really cool that you helped with Parkers Baptism. That reminded me of when I was able to stand in the circle at Brandon’s Baptism. Well here there is a big holiday called Carnival. Well no one was at church, we had 24 people, normally it is like in the 35-40. We woke up early to get investigators but no one was home it was a bummer. Well that is okay this week will be good. Well I love you and wish you the best this week.
Elder Shelley

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