Monday, March 14, 2011

A Year and 6 Months!!

This week, I went to a birthday party for Salatiel, he is a member here. He is really cool, he helps us out a lot. Me and my comp bought fireworks and I did not get trunky.

Well this week was a little rough. It is hard to keep my comp excited about the work, he just wants to leave. Well then yesterday we tried getting people to church and no one came. We tried picking up 5 young women that we taught earlier and they were still asleep and that was rough because we had two members helping. Well this is the second week that we have had no one at church.

Wednesday I hit a year and 6, I can’t believe it. Well it has rained everyday this past week. Yep it is normal here. Well I hope you guys have a good day and week. If you need anything just let me know. That is good that you guys did good on the talks, the thing that matters is that it is over. Well, I am excited to see Matt’s room and the basement when I get home. He sounds excited. Thanks for everything.

Oh Salatiel wants to meet Matt. He asked me if you guys are coming to pick me up and I said I don’t know because I told him that if yes it would only be you and dad. I kind of want to do something as a family. It would be a lot of money if all of you guys came to Brazil. I think it would be fun, but it would be a lot of money. This family really wants to meet you guys someday. Well we will see what happens. Well have a good one. I love you a whole bunch.
Elder Shelley

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