Monday, February 7, 2011


February 7, 2011
Well my week was really slow. Last week was kind of cool. It rained a bunch I think Saturday night. It even had hail, YES ICE IN SAO CARLOS. It was pretty cool. Tuesday we were able to teach a few lessons. Wednesday we did not do much. We did an Baptismal interview for Ala 4, the person passed and got baptized on Sunday. Then we went to Hot Tiger( Rodizio de pizza) It was really good. Then we slept at Ala 3. Think 12 Missionaries in a house made for 4. Yep it was crowded. Then Thursday we had Conference. That was really good. They talked a lot about how to work with the members and just more about the introductory class that we learned a while ago. Then Friday we worked a little bit. Then Saturday we taught our Investigators Lucia and Andresa. We were kind of sad because by the way the lesson went it does not sound like they want to change. They still want us to teach them so we will see what happens. Then Sunday we had church me and me comp went to Ibaté to wake everyone up to go to church because there is a van that will go and pick them up. Well only 4 people came, that stunk. Well then me and Menzes had a division with Ala 1 We slept over at Ala 4 with Samuel and Heiner. That was a lot of fun.

Well as you can see we had a slow week. Our numbers were not that good, but this week will be better. Well I am really excited to get a new comp. We will see next week if I got transferred or not. Well that is really good about Cami. I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER TOO!!!!!!! I hope that everything goes well with the stuff. That is really cool with Savanna. Well I liked the picture of the Ruins. I hope that we can go when I get back. I am really excited if we can go to Disneyland in October to Celebrate. Well thanks for all that you do for me. If you need anything just let me know.
Um abraço e beijo na bunda!! Te amo!!!!

Elder Shelley

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