Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great Goals!

I didn't realize I haven't posted this letter. My dad (Grandpa G.)wrote to Greg at his year mark and asked him what goals he had for the final year of his mission (I think the Mission President was coming out in him!) Anyway this was Greg's response and I think the goals he has are terrific and if he is able to achieve them he will be able to see his mission as a great success.

Dear Grandpa,
Right now I have mixed feelings. I want the mission to fly by fast so I can share the experiences that I am having with you and my family. I also don’t want the mission to end because I love teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people. I have 10 months until I come home, I know it seems like a lot but I know it will fly.

Goals that I have during the next 10 months:
1. Keep Progressing in the language—study and speaking.
2. Not having any regrets—Every day giving it my best. Working my hardest at finding people to teach and also teach them everything they need to know to make the covenant of Baptism and persevering until the end. Grandpa, it is easy to baptize here but it hard for the people to stay firm in the gospel.
3. Help my recent converts understand the blessings of the temple and help them receive those blessings.—This is one of my big goals because I have realized the blessings of the Temple and how families can be together forever. It is exciting when the other missionaries hear that their recent converts made it to the Temple. I think President Hinckley said that this is our goal as missionaries to help our recent converts receive the blessing of the temple.
4. Be the best comp that I can be—I will include my comp with planning. Help my comp with any difficulties and mainly just be a great example for him.
5. Help each ward that I pass in be strengthened –Be an awesome example so that they can have my trust and I can have theirs. I have gained a testimony of the importance of a ward’s help in missionary work. When a ward helps it strengthens the recent convert and even the investigator. There have been areas where the ward did not even talk with our investigators and it was sad. I also want to help the ward feel more united. When the members help it is easier for the recent convert to stay firm in the Gospel.
6. Strengthen my knowledge with the scriptures. Right now I am marking in the Book of Mormon how many times it talks about Christ. I am also marking words that He says. I am also marking the attributes of Christ. It is helping me understand more about the Book and the importance of it.
7. Having my mission be a success in the Eyes of the Lord and Heavenly Father—Working hard and doing my best every day. Being a good example to everyone I meet. Doing my best, keeping the commandments and the mission rules.

These are just some of the Goals that I have. I just want to have no regrets. I also want to bless the lives of people. Grandpa, there is one thing I miss is the TEMPLE. I miss going there. I am so grateful for a temple so close to home. I love the spirit there. I am doing just fine. I love each day to share my testimony with many people. I love the spirit I feel each time I give the First Vision. I know I have 10 months left and I will give it my all until the end. Thanks for all that you do for me. I love you too.
Um grande abraso (A big hug)
Elder Shelley

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