Thursday, September 2, 2010

We heard from Greg--Finally!! Transferred to São Carlos

Greg has a new address. Please contact his parents if you would like it.
Well we found out that the lady, Lourdes, had some coffee so she could not get baptized this week, but hopefully she will this Sunday. I got the package. Well I got transferred today to São Carlos. I am with a Brazilian Elder Menezes. He is from the north. Elder Busico is going home today at 4. Sorry about not emailing on Monday. There was not much time. President had me and him staying in Ribeirao but a city that is pretty far away and is not very safe, so Busico decided to just go home. Well he told me that he will email me some of the photos and I will give them to you guys. It was very hard for me to leave that Area. It felt a little like leaving home to come here to Brazil. I really got attached to Cida and her family. They helped me and Busico a lot. Well I told them that I am coming back in 2014 to watch the Cup. I am definitely coming back. Cida’s sister wants you and dad to come pick me up, But I don’t know.

Well things are going really good. The language is really starting to come, there are some things that I am having a hard time with but it is going very well. Well I did catch the flu Elder Busico had. I am doing better. Well I hope you have a good week and sorry for the short email. I had sushi with him and Dinah on Monday and we were just really busy helping Cida and Bob. Well hope you guys have a good week.

I don’t know much of the area because I just got here but what I have seen I really like it. I think my comp will be a combo between Almeida and Barbosa. I don’t know. I am in a district with an Elder in my group Elder Wiggins. I am really excited. I wish I could have celebrated a year with Busico but I think it will be good. The house was a little messy but we are starting to clean it up. It will be a great place. Busico was telling me before that all the missionaries want to pass in this city and he served in the area that I am going to Ala 5 (5th Ward). Well I hope things go well. Just make sure that people know about the new office address change. I love you. If there is anything you need let me know.

I will probably celebrate on the 16th for my 1 year, I not really sure. Well I hope things work out for him. Yeah I was thinking that it is probably the best he went home because his dad especially worried, and it did not help that he is a non member. I was thinking that he needs to get home and start to get some weight and train because he wants to play baseball for the U. He will go to Salt Lake Community College to finish generals and then transfer to the U. Well I just hope things go well for him. You know he did not seem like a friend but he felt like a member of the family. Saying bye to him was just like saying bye to Matt. I really miss him but I know that he is in a good place. He said he will return in a month to visit and pick up the rest of his stuff. I am having him email me the photos from his camera and some from Cida’s so it may take a little time. We really did not have much time to get ready, it was kind of a surprise transfer, but I know it will be very good.

Elder Shelley

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