Monday, September 27, 2010

Baptism This Week!

Well things are going well. There are still some things with the language that I have a hard time with, but for the most part it is good. We did have a baptism on Saturday. His name is Fransisco of Ibaté(a small city outside of São Carlos). Well that was good. Well we did not get home until 10:45 because there were 2 baptisms and it took a long time. Well I could not fall asleep until 12 and had to get up early to go to another ward because there was an open house. Well at 5 I woke up to a huge rain storm and dogs barking. I could not get back to sleep, oh well. Well yesterday it rained all day.

We are teaching a family of 9 (Mom dad, and 6 girls) Well it is going, they finally read the Book of Mormon. Well we are concerned about the dad because he said he did not join the Congregation church because they did not accept baptisms from other churches. Well it was a miracle he and his wife and 1 daughter came to the baptism on Saturday. It was really good to see them. We are helping them gain testimonies and hopefully they will be baptized and stay firm. Well have a good week and I love you so much. If you need anything just let me know. Oh and Wed. we have interviews with president.

Well things are going well. Well this last week I ate cow liver. It was really gross. Well I think I know Sis. Jolley, if it is the one that leads music. Well I hope that things will go well with the changes. Well that is good that you guys talked with the people about Matt. I don’t know what you guys can do. Well just keep praying and fasting and all things will work out. Well I am excited that Saturday and Sunday is Conference. I am really excited, it does not seem like 6 months have almost gone by. Wow time is flying by. I love you and thanks for all that you do. Take care.
Elder Shelley

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