Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brownies instead of Basketball?!

Well we are not playing basketball because the sisters bailed on us. They decided to make brownies at this lady's house so that is what we are going to do. They are the ones that have a court and a ball so what do you do. I am really mad at the sisters right now because I was looking forward to it because I have not played basketball for like 9 months. Well things are going good. I am really liking my comp Elder Menezes. He is really cool. Well nothing really has happened this week. That is too bad about dad having to work. Well I hope that you guys have a good week and a good labor day.

We are not teaching much right now because the other Elders that were here worked in a small town, but since they don’t have a branch there the area 70 said that we are not allowed to go there. All of the addresses were from there. The city is called Ibate. Well we have done a few contacts but nothing really good. We are going to work quite a bit with the members. The brownies better taste good because my basketball time got cancelled because of the sisters. I am really mad at them, you know. Well Elder Jeppson from my group is a District Leader so I will be with his comp for 4 days and I am really excited. Elder Jeppson and my comp are going to Ribierao for 4 days for a training.

Hey here is Cida's address. If you would not mind sometime could you send her a small package that has M&Ms in it, I will pay for. I just think that it would be very good. Thanks

Well I hope you have a good day. Have a good time at the bees game.
Elder Shelley

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