Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Rough to Say Good-bye

Hey Guys,
Well this last week was a little rough. We had our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Vieira. It was really good. He told us to just welcome the new President with Open Arms.

After we went up and gave them a hug and talked to them. President told me to just take good care of my comp. Then I told him how grateful I was to him. Then he gave me a huge hug, it was like ten times a Brother Norton hug, it was the best. I will really miss President. I then talked with Sister. She told me about how proud she was to have known me. She said something that really made me feel good. She said that when she looks at me she sees a light. She says it is the best thing ever. She told me to share this light with everyone. I am really going to miss sister also. They were just the best. I am so grateful that I had 7 months to get to know them and just how warm and I don´t know how I can explain how they are, they are just the BEST!!!!!!!

Well the lady that sent Matt the Email, well she is coming out to Utah next month like the 23ish. Well she wants to visit you guys. I gave her the address and phone number. I hope that is okay. She just really wants to see you guys. I thought that is really cool. Hey I have a question how much is a 2 day and 3 day Disneyland pass? They are going to LA when they come up, so I told them I would ask the Experts how much.

Well nothing really has happened. Well I love you guys, and could you include my comp Elder Busico in your prayers to help him get better, that would be great. Love you all!!

Elder Shelley

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