Monday, June 7, 2010

Transferred to Ribeirao!

Hey guys how is it going? Well it sounds like you had a good time at D-Land. Well I got transferred to Ribeirão. I am so excited because I got an American Comp. Well guess what the last month our zone was the one that baptized the most with 16 baptisms. Our district baptized 9. Well things are going well.
Well I am a little sad because one of our baptisms is falling away from the church. She is going to a different and she is getting back with her Ex. Well her ex is awful. Hey is very mean to their children and he is making the children go to the other church. Well what can you do? Well things are going very well. Well this transfer will be very good. I am excited. Well have a good one. Love you guys.

WOW that is really cool about the score. Well I got transferred to Ribeirão. I can’t remember what part, but I will tell you next week. Well my new comp is American!!! He is Elder Busico, he is from Salt Lake. I am so excited. Yeah I will definitely miss Elder Almeida. We had such a great time. I will also miss Bebedouro. Well I will definitely return there after the mission.
Well I am a little sad, one of our baptisms is falling away from the church. She is getting back with her Ex, And She is going to do different church. It is really sad, well what can you do.

Well things are going great. Wow here in 11 days I will be 20. Hey and America plays in the World Cup that day. I am excited to watch the World Cup. President gave us permission. I thought that was cool. Well I hope that everything is going well. Things are just going great.

We had a zone conference yesterday. It was really cool Elder Zurich of the 70 conducted. Elder Arnold of the 70 spoke. Sister Beck spoke too, and the final was Elder Christofferson of the 12. They all spoke Portueges and it was really good. Well I can’t believe that I have almost 9 months under my belt. Well things are just going really well. I love you guys and hope you had a great time at Disneyland. Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

Sorry it was a big stake conference being televised from Salt lake to the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Well it is a bite about the RC, but things will go well. Hey I did not bring my camera because I did not know if the computers had USB drives. Well they do and next week I will send you pics for sure. Well have a good one. Hey are the kids there. If so tell them I say hi!!

Elder Shelley

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