Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Conference this week with Presidente Viera

Sent: Mon, Jun 21, 2010 05:02 PM
Hey guys,
I had an awesome birthday. We had a party at a members home. That was so much fun. Well my comp is doing a little better. He has an ulcer in his stomach and has gastric problems. Well he is taking medicine for that. I am really sad because on Wednesday is our last Conference with President. Well I have some news for you guys. Aaron is going to get a new mission President too, and he is in the Omaha Nebraska mission. I don’t know if you knew that, but I thought that was cool.

Well things are going great. I am doing what President told me in an interview 2 weeks ago and that was to take good care of my comp. Well it sounds like you guys have had a good week. Hey and how is Toy Story 3? Well I love you guys so much thanks for everything that you do. Um grande abraço e beijo.

Elder Shelley

Well my comp was not feeling good so that is why I am emailing later. Ya I watched the World Cup and Portugal beat North Coreia 7 to 0. Well things are going good. Tell Matt to check his email. A member sent him a Birthday email. Hey and what wii game and Jersey did he get?

Well we are teaching some people. There is a kid about 18 that we are teaching and some others. Nope not yet, some we need to get them to stop smoking and have them get married, but things are going good.
Um grande abraço e beijo.

Elder Shelley

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