Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feliz Anniversario!!

Hey everyone,
Well today we decided to go to the New Mall here in Ribeirão. It is really cool. They have a Walmart and I bought a doughnut, it was a chocolate creme filled. Hey and guess what they also have a Cinemark here. It is really big.

Hey that was a crazy US game. Well I am hoping that the US wins on Friday. Well the games are pretty exciting. The Germany and Australia was a blow out. That was crazy I really wanted Australia to win, but I knew Germany would take it. Oh well...
Well I think I am going to use the money for my B-day and buy some World Cup Jerseys. I am thinking about buying a US and Brazil one. So I will be using my card here soon.

Well I am loving my new comp Elder Busico. Guess what he is a twin too. His twin is in Italy right now. Hey loves to travel all over. His dad works for the Airport so he gets free flights, lucky. Well he loves D-land too. We just really click together. Well he is doing better.

Oh guess what on Friday I had a dream in Portugese. It was pretty cool. It is my second one here on the mish. The first in the CTM and now. It was pretty cool

Hey the computer that I am using does not have a USB port available so no pics this week, sorry.

Well the interview with President was really good. I found out why he is going home. He said that he has a problem with his stomach, like it is eating itself, he does not sleep and he is just really home sick. I thought that is just too bad. Well I am hoping that he can just get better, because I really love President Vieira. He is just so awesome. I am really going to miss him, and sister.

Well the family that I met this past week. Well the dad is from the US. His name is Bob. He is really funny. Hey reminds me a lot of Grandpa Shelley, stories and joking around. Well he is not a member, but he has been going to church for a while, so we will see. Well he lived in Indiana then moved to Louisiana working on a farm. Then he moved to Italy for 20 years doing farming and pigs. Then he moved to Brazil and has been here for 20 years. It is pretty cool. Hey tells us all about the basketball and is just fun talking with him. Well things are going really well here. My area is a little hard because it is the richest in the mission. Well we are trying our best. Well have a good time at the concert and have a good week. Oh and Matt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Feliz Anniversario!!!!!!!!!! Well love you guys. Um grande abraço e beijo.

Elder Shelley

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