Monday, April 5, 2010

Homemade Rootbeer, Scones and Conference

Sent: Mon, Apr 05, 2010 10:45 AM
Hey mom,
Hey guess what on Saturday night we made homemade rootbeer and scones. It was really good. I missed the Priesthood session because we had to be in the house at 9:30. And the session stared at 9. Well it was really strange not hearing the words in English. I heard the first part of the talks, like first 3 words in English. I have to tell you something funny that happened. The translator for Elder Christofferson´s talk and Uchtdorfs on Sunday finished early before they were done. It was really funny. I could tell that Elder Holland was burning the people, but the translator had no expression. It really bugged me. I really took hearing conference for granted in English. But it was really good. I missed the first half of the 2nd session on Sunday because me and my comp were making contacts. Hey I did not take any money out yet. Hey have a good one.

Hey Fam,
Hey conference was sure great. Guess what Elder Scott and Anderson gave their talks in Portuguese. Hey there was something that bugged me was not being able to hear how the felt. For example Elder Holland I could tell he was buring the people, but the translator had no emotion. It also bugged me not hearing their voices. Hey I have to tell you something funny on both Elder Christorffersons and Uchtdorfs Sunday talk the translator finished early. It was really funny. Hey I saw Mrs. McMurry and Ruth.

Hey for shoes I think I will email you guys when I need you to send me a new pair.
Hey on Saturday night we had a couple guys over from the Branch and we made rootbeer and scones. It was really good. Today me and Elder Thornley are going to make brownies. I am so excited. Things are going great, it has been really rainy the past few days. It is a lot cooler here than in Araçatuba. Hey Jani is lucky to go to San Francisco. Tell her to be careful. Nothing really has happened besides conference. It was a pretty good week. Well have a good Spring Break. Take care.

Hey I got a letter from Kyler and he GOT HIS CALL. He is going to Charlotte, North Carolina. He leaves May 19 to the MTC. Guess what my dad Elder Laxton is from Charlotte. Elder Laxton goes home the first part of June so Kyler will probably see my dad. I think that that is cool. Hey I got an email from Aaron. He is doing good. Guess what, I am in a Branch. Well I loved conference. It was stinky to watch it with a translator, but at least I was able to watch it. I really liked the talks especially the one Eyring on Saturday morning. I also liked the one who talked about Kyle and I forgot the other name. It was hard seeing their expressions and not being able to hear them in that expression, if that makes sense. Well that is good that Easter was good.

Hey my blisters are gone, they went away after like 2 days. I don´t know much more. I just know that he leaves June 30. Elder Laxton is coming to our area this week, I will ask him if he knows more info. YES DUKE ALL THE WAY. Oh one of the guys in the Branch has it. A missionary gave it to him. That is why we had rootbeer. Have a good one. Hey did Matt tell you that Kyler got his call?

Elder Shelley

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