Monday, April 12, 2010

101 Contacts!

Hey Fam,

Hey this week was really good. I made 101 contacts this week. It is the most that I have done on the mission so far. Hey guess what I have to give a talk on Sunday. It is out of the teaching of the prophets Harold B. Lee chapter 17. I am really nervous because it is the first talk I will give. I hope I do well, and pray for me.

Hey tell Austin Rich that I say congrats on the mission call. Wow all the way to Africa. Well we did not have a baptism, but I think we will this week because we finally had investigators go to church. Yesterday we had one man, so we will work with him this week and hopefully baptism this next week.

That is way cool about the Candy Factory. Hey what outlet store did you guys go to? Well I really love my new comp Elder Almeida. He is just really awesome. I can’t believe that a this transfer ends in two weeks, and then only one more transfer with President Viera. I am excited and not to get a new president. Well nothing really had happened this week, same old stuff, over and over and over again. I figured that the mission is like the Energizer bunny keeps going and going and going. Well Wednesday we have Zone Conference. I am so excited. Well in about four days I will have been on the mish for 7 months. Well time is really flying by. Well I hope everything is going well for you guys back in Utah. Well at least it will start to get warmer there, here it is starting to get colder. The mornings are freezing, it feels like 40 degrees, but it is all good. Well have a good week. Keep working and playing hard. Oh one more thing Mom I saw a little girl with Head Gear on. It reminded me of when you said when you were little you had that, boy did it not look fun. You have my sympathy. Well love you guys.

Elder Shelley

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