Monday, April 19, 2010

Short Letter because of a Cheesecake--Hey!!

Hey Guys,

How are things going? Well this morning me and Elder Thornley made pancakes and they were really good. We also made Cheese Cake. After the emailing we are going to eat it. I am so excited.

Well another week has gone by. Guess what I have 7 months here on the mish. Hey guys did you know that the scriptures talk about Matt. Pretty cool. In Ether 14:23

Well I gave my talk yesterday. I did very well. I even had some of the members tell me that I did a good job. I thought that was cool. Well nothing is really new. Same old stuff.

Well last week we had zone conference. It was really good, the only problem was that half way to Ribeirão. I remembered that I left the camera in the house. Luckily Elder Thornley had his and I took some pics. I will get them from him and I will send them to you guys next week. President finally announced that he is going home on June 30th. I really am going to miss him and especially Sister Vieira. Because when ever she sees me she yells Elder Shelley. I am going to really miss that. Well it is the last week of the transfer. Saturday I will know who is transferred.

Oh Mom can you go to the mission blog and get some pics for me and safe them at home. And also print off the thing that tell where everyone is. I want to save these things and keep them safe. I know that you can save them at home. Well have a good one. Love ya all.

Elder Shelley

Hey mom,
Things went very well for the talk. I had some members come up to me and say how good of a job I did. I thought that was cool. It is a little bit different working with about 35 less people each week. I liked it because there were not many people when I did my talk. That is really good that Jani got her camera back. Yep I hope she learned a good lesson from that. Ya it is nice to have a comp that I can connect with. Man I wish I could of seen Bro. Paxman dance. I bet it would of been quite a sight. WOW 23 years, you guys are ancient! lol. That is really cool. Happy Anniversary on the 24th. Nope it is still hot here in Bebedouro, but it is good. Well tell the girls good luck for the Recital. Wow it is starting to get to summer soon. Well have a good one. I love you a whole bunch.

Elder Shelley

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