Monday, March 22, 2010


Sent: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 11:15 AM
Oi minha familia,

Hey how are things going? Things are really great for me right now. I am so excited. I am in a new area. Bebedouro-it is about an hour out of Ribeirão. I am so excited my new comp is Elder Almeida. I am also staying with 2 other missionaries Elder D. Mello and Elder Thornley-He is in my group. I am so excited. Oh and the Best part is guess who is my LZ ELDER LAXTON my pai. I am so excited to see him again. I was really praying that I would see him again before he dies in June. I am way excited. Hey in a future package can you put in some BO Juice. I am down to 3. Hey pretty soon start looking for sales on shoes, preferably Rockport. I don’t need them now. Just to give you guys a head up.

I saw almost everyone in my group today at transfers. Elder Barros is getting a kid from my group. It is really funny that a lot of the guys in my group are now going to Araçatuba when I leave. Well nothing really has happened. To be honest I am really glad that I switched comps. Elder Barros was really good. It is really funny, he did not want to stay and he is staying one more there. I wanted to stay, but I got transferred.

I am really excited to be in a new area. I am really going to miss some of the other Elders. Like Elder Knowles-he dies this transfer in 5 weeks. Elder Rondena-He is Brazilian, he lived in South Jordan for a year and a half. He speaks really good English. Elder Knowles, Rondena, and me would have Magic tournaments. Magic is a card game. It was really fun. I am going to miss those guys there in Araçatuba. Well nothing has really happened that is exciting. That is good about the play. Well have a good week. Juli get feeling better and have fun a Clear Creek, I still remember when I went. I had a blast. We made CO2 rockets and launched them it was fun. I know you will have a great time.

Have a good one. Hey take care and play hard, I will do the same.
Um grande abraço

Hey dad,
Thanks for the info on the shoes. Keep doing research on the company and I will take a picture of my shoes and send them to you next week. Hey my feet don’t hurt, everything is healing fine. Hey I have to go. Have a good day. I love you.

Elder Shelley

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