Monday, January 4, 2010

Feliz Ano Novo

Hey todo mundo,
This week was really good. I baptized yesterday. It was the best. Her name is Tyane. She is 18 years old. It was just really good. Hey my new comp is Elder Barros he is Brazilian. Right now he is bugging me because he has been complaining a lot about some places and how far away they are. We have walked a lot. It has been a little rough but everything is going well with him. Yes I still love him even if he bugs me. He is from Belem and he is 26 years old, he has been in the mission for 1 year and 3 months.

Hey it is kind of hard to trade in the money down here. If it is okay with you guys could you just put the money in my account and I will use the card. I will definitely get some jerseys. Hey could you tell grandma and who ever wants to send me money just give it to you guys and put it in my account. It is much easier to use the card. If it is a problem let me know next week. Could you guys check my account at least once a week. I hope that is not a problem. Hey if you don’t know what to send me in a package-throw in a tie or two. Not to be rude but the ties here are really cheap. I wore one tie I bought here twice and it is starting to come undone.

If you can’t find a Jersey don’t worry about it. Elder Laxton said that he was going to ask his girlfriend to send him one. If you don’t find it don’t worry.

It has been really hot lately. This past week it rained everyday. Hey if you thought Iowa was bad, here it makes the Provo River look like a puddle. It rains a lot, but it is good. Hey I gave Aaron Matt’s email and our home address, so check Matt’s email.

Jani you are going to hate me this week. I forgot to get my camera. I will definitely next week. Hey Jani go in and tell Mr. Hanks that I am in Brazil, ask him if he knows my mission. Juli I hope you are doing well. Hey Matt thanks for all the sports updates and hopefully the Jazz and kick things in gear and win a few. Hey hopefully you can work at Freedom, that would be awesome. Mom thanks for the updates and other things that are going on. Dad hopefully things will go better this week for work. Hey have a good week. Thanks for all of your prayers and updates. I will try and get you guys Jerseys. Well have a good week. Feliz Ano Novo-Happy New Year

Hey wish Grandpa a Feliz Anniversario-Happy Birthday and also Mike. Hey tell Austin his buddy says hi.

Elder Shelley

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