Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Baptism!!

January 25, 2010

Hey Fam,
This week was pretty good. I had interviews with Presidente. He is just awesome. He told me some stuff to work on. Hey said I am a good missionary and he was excited that I was going to have a baptism on Sunday. I really love Presidente. He is just like a dad. Guess what right now for two years I have two dad and moms.

Tomorrow we have a zone conference, with 5 or 6 zones. I am so excited. They said that some very special people are going to be there. I hope that it is an Apostle.

By the way I HAD A BAPTISM. We baptized a man Evandro, he is 26 years old. It was really good. I will send a picture. Hey by the way dad and everyone else the toilets go clock wise. Hey I changed my mind, no gravy packets just surprise me.

Elder Shelley

Hey Mom,
It sounds like you guys had a great trip. Hey this week was really good. Hey I have to tell you something cool that happened yesterday. Well yesterday morning we went to find our investigators first Evandro but he went to his church. Then we went to find Zé Teodoro. He did not want to go to church with us. He said he will this next week. Then we picked up Bia--Recent Convert, Mateus-brother we baptized 2 weeks ago, and her other brother of 6 years. Then we went to church. Before Sacrament Meeting my comp said lets go get Evandro. We had a member drive us. The member took a wrong turn-too early but an amazing thing happened we happened to see Evandro down the road. We picked him up and went to Sacrament Meeting. After we baptized him. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we happened to run into him. Well it was good.

Hey I am sorry I haven’t written you guys any letters. I have been so busy. I hope emails are good enough. If I have time I will send to guys letters. By the way mom my comp has plenty of money. He just uses it to buy pictures.

Hey let anyone who wants to send me a package, they are free to do so. Hey I love you guys so much. It was good that you had a good time and that you guys were safe. Hey it was good that the kids were safe too. I prayed last week that they would not go skiing and that they would be safe. Hey thanks for all that you do, and thanks for the recipe. Hey don’t worry about sending me any gravy mixes, just surprise me. Hey remember I don’t need any more deodorant sticks, shoe polish, and scripture markers. Thanks so much for sending those things. Hey if I need anything I will let you guys know. Well have a good day and week. Hopefully it will stop snowing for a bit. Here we are in a hot part, but I think soon it will rain. Well I love you all so much and keep praying for me. Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

Yep it is 12:10 here in Araçatuba. Hey tell dad I say hi and anyone else that is still there. Tell Matt that when he gets home that I say hi. Hey have a good day. Well have a good one. I am going to get a haircut and buy some food for this week. Well take care, and keep praying for me and I will keep doing the same for you guys. Hey and tell Sid that I say hi.

Elder Shelley

Hey Jani,
Hey I had another Baptism this week. It was a man of 26 years old. Hey right now it has been really hot. Well that is too bad that you guys did not do much. Hey guess what I wanted to buy chicken cordon bleu, but when I went to the store they did not have any I was so bummed. Well I decided that I will buy my own groceries so at least I get what I want. Hey it sounds like youth conference went very well. Hey hopefully school will get better. Tomorrow we have a huge zone conference. They said that there are going to be some very special people there. I hope that it is an Apostle. Hey I have a question, is Wallaby´s still good or does the food taste bad. That is funny that Scott was down there at the same time as you guys. Well hopefully you have a good week, good luck on Mutual this week. Hey that is funny that you are in charge of food. Well this week was a little better with my comp. Guess what transfers are on the 8th of February. I am thinking that I will get transferred to another area. Well have a good week and hopefully school goes better. Hey I did bring my camera. I only have pictures of baptisms. Well have a good one. Remember if you have a question or want to email me you are free to do so. Well I love you a whole bunch and miss you even more. Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

Hey minha Irmã,
Hey that is too bad that you feel. It is good that you are feeling better. Hey did you have a good time with Joc last week? Tell me what you did. Hey hopefully your elbow will get better soon. Well have a good week.
Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

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