Monday, January 11, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain this week--but a Baptism!

Oi Fam,

This week was pretty good. We did have a baptism yesterday. We baptized Mateus he is 9 years old and is the brother of a recent convert. It was really good.

Hey I loved the Christmas Package. I finally got it. I loved the candy canes and the chocolate orange, m&ms. It was really good. Hey I don’t think I need shoe polish, deodorant, or scripture crayons. It was a really good package.

Hey Jani I remembered my camera this week. Hey it has rained a ton this past week. It is raining right now. My comp is okay, he still complains a little bit. I am still trying to have patience with him. Yes, I still love him. The language is coming faster I can see how the Lord is helping me everyday.

Well it sounds like this week was really good. Tell Grandpa happy B-day. Hopefully Cami will get doing better. Tell Brian’s family that they are always in my prayers. Thanks for the update.

Hey Matt thanks for the update on the sports. Hey when you know the scores put them in the email. Hey that is too bad that Beef is in Deacons. Hey tell him I say hi. Well hopefully the Jazz can finally start winning some games. Hey have fun at the Jazz game. Sounds like you mission is going great. Hey I miss you buddy.

Mom thanks for all the updates on things. Yeah hopefully everything will go great with dad’s work. Have fun on your cruise. Juli hopefully you will like you teacher. Hey guess what you will learn patience and so will I. Have a good week and good luck with knowledge bowl, I know you will do great. Well nothing really cool this week besides the baptism. Well thanks again for all you do, for your prayers. Have a good week. Eu amo Voces. Um grande abraço.

Elder Shelley

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